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Cookie Run: Kingdom characters list and cookies guide

How many Cookie Run: Kingdom characters are there?

A grid view of many Epic-tier cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom Image: Devsisters via Polygon

When starting your Cookie Run: Kingdom adventure, you’ll need to assemble a team of five characters (or cookies) to fight through the game. Cookies have different roles and strengths. Our Cookie Run: Kingdom characters list guide will help you build parties and pick out your strongest cookies.

Cookies must be organized in a party of five, with different cookies going in the rear, middle, and front of the team. Defensive cookies go in the front, while damage-dealing cookies typically go in the middle, and supportive cookies go in the rear.

Ancient and Legendary cookies like Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry, and Sea Fairy Cookie are all super strong and a cut above the rest, but due to the gacha feature in the game, they can be hard to get.

Table of contents

11 of the best cookies to upgrade and invest in
All Cookie Run: Kingdom cookies

11 great cookies to upgrade and invest in

Our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide details Epic level cookies to invest in, if you have them. We’re not encouraging you to spend your Crystals or money on the game, but if you have any of these cookies, you should consider using them. The game does give out Crystals frequently enough that as you play, you’ll amass a large quantity of Epic cookies to use.

The list below isn’t definitive, as there’s lots of strong cookies to use, but these are some of our favorites.

Almond Cookie

The detective Almond Cookie is a Support cookie who sits on your backline. His skill locks down one enemy and spreads damage to other enemies, which is great for causing area-of-effect (AOE) damage if you don’t have it.

Black Raisin Cookie

Black Raisin Cookie poses with her bird on her arm
Black Raisin doesn’t come to play.
Image: Devsisters

The brooding Black Raisin Cookie is an Ambush cookie who will be in the middle of your team. Her skill allows her to vanish and deal massive AOE damage to the enemies in front.

Dark Choco Cookie

The former prince Dark Choco Cookie is one of the strongest Charge cookies currently in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and he’ll be in your frontline. His skill deals AOE damage and also lowers the defense of enemies it damages, making it the perfect skill to use before you use other damage-dealing abilities.

Herb Cookie

The delightful Herb Cookie is a Healer cookie who will sit in your backline. He heals a percentage of his ATK stat and continues to heal over time. His skill also removes all debuffs, which is useful for getting you out of sticky situations.

Latte Cookie

The lovely Latte Cookie is a Magic cookie who goes in the middle spots of your team. Her skill deals initial damage in a large circle, continues to deal damage over time, and silences enemies, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Moon Rabbit Cookie

Moon Rabbit Cookie holds up a Korean rice cake
She’s also so cute!
Image: Devsisters

The adorable Moon Rabbit Cookie is a Defense cookie who will go in the front of your team. Her skill deals damage and marks them with a rice cake. If the enemies are defeated before the rice cake debuff goes away, the skill will heal your party.

Parfait Cookie

The pretty-in-pink Parfait Cookie is a Support cookie who will sit in your backline. Her skill heals over time, increases the party’s DEF, and gives everyone some debuff resistance.

Raspberry Cookie

The elegant Raspberry Cookie is a Charge cookie who will lead your team in the frontline. Her skill targets the enemy with the highest ATK and does lots of damage, in addition to adding an ATK reduction debuff. She can help get big baddies out of the way quickly.

Sorbet Shark Cookie

The bubbly Sorbet Shark Cookie is an Ambush cookie who sits in the middle of your party. Their skill deals AOE damage and does additional damage to the enemies with the most health. The skill does true damage, ignoring DEF and damage resist if the enemy is a cookie, making Sorbet Shark Cookie a scary opponent in PvP.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Strawberry Crepe Cookie poses with their crepe arms out
Does this look like the face of mercy?
Image: Devsisters

The delicious Strawberry Crepe Cookie is a Defense cookie who will guard in your frontlines. They do massive AOE damage and provides the cookies with the lowest max HP in your party with damage resist. You’ll see them a lot in PvP, just like Sorbet Shark Cookie.

Vampire Cookie

The mysterious Vampire Cookie is an Ambush cookie who will go in your backline. His skill deals massive damage to the farthest enemy and restores his health. If you’re having trouble on boss fights, Vampire Cookie’s huge damage is a great way to solve your problem.

Cookie Run: Kingdom characters list

How many Cookie Run: Kingdom characters are there? Below is a list of every available cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom — Complete list of cookies

Rarity Cookie Type Position
Rarity Cookie Type Position
Ancient Pure Vanilla Cookie Healing Rear
Ancient Hollyberry Cookie Defense Front
Common Gingerbrave Charge Front
Common Muscle Cookie Charge Front
Common Strawberry Cookie Defense Front
Common Wizard Cookie Magic Middle
Common Beet Cookie Ranged Rear
Common Ninja Cookie Ambush Rear
Common Angel Cookie Healing Rear
Epic Werewolf Cookie Charge Front
Epic Dark Choco Cookie Dark Charge Front
Epic Purple Yam Cookie Charge Front
Epic Kumiho Cookie Charge Front
Epic Red Velvet Cookie Charge Front
Epic Raspberry Cookie Charge Front
Epic Mala Sauce Cookie Charge Front
Epic Milk Cookie Defense Front
Epic Madeleine Cookie Defense Front
Epic Strawberry Crepe Cookie Defense Front
Epic Moon Rabbit Cookie Defense Front
Epic Snow Sugar Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Espresso Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Licorice Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Latte Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Mango Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Squid Ink Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Rye Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Tiger Lily Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Pastry Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Twizzly Gummy Cookie Ranged Rear
Epic Chili Pepper Cookie Ambush Middle
Epic Vampire Cookie Ambush Rear
Epic Black Raisin Cookie Ambush Middle
Epic Sorbet Shark Cookie Ambush Middle
Epic Poison Mushroom Bomber Middle
Epic Mint Choco Cookie Support Rear
Epic Pomegranate Cookie Support Rear
Epic Almond Cookie Support Rear
Epic Cream Puff Cookie Support Rear
Epic Fig Cookie Support Middle
Epic Lilac Cookie Support Middle
Epic Parfait Cookie Support Rear
Epic Herb Cookie Healing Rear
Epic Sparkling Cookie Healing Rear
Epic Pumpkin Pie Cookie Magic Middle
Epic Cotton Cookie Support Rear
Legendary Sea Fairy Cookie Bomber Middle
Legendary Frost Queen Cookie Magic Middle
Rare Princess Cookie Charge Front
Rare Avocado Cookie Defense Front
Rare Knight Cookie Defense Front
Rare Blackberry Cookie Magic Rear
Rare Devil Cookie Magic Middle
Rare Adventurer Cookie Ambush Middle
Rare Pancake Cookie Ambush Rear
Rare Cherry Cookie Bomber Rear
Rare Alchemist Cookie Bomber Middle
Rare Gumball Cookie Bomber Rear
Rare Carrot Cookie Support Middle
Rare Clover Cookie Support Rear
Rare Onion Cookie Support Middle
Rare Custard Cookie III Healing Rear
Special Sonic Cookie Ambush Rear
Special Tails Cookie Ambush Rear