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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game choices and consequences guide

Saying the right thing matters

The Guardians of the Galaxy speak to the Worldmind Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

In this Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game choices guide, we’ll explain how dialogue choices and consequences affect the game. Throughout your adventure, you’ll make decisions that change the story in small and big ways. Our guide explains the differences between the types of choices you can make and which key choices will have consequences related to the ending.

Table of contents

[Ed. note: We don’t want to spoil anything for you, and that’s difficult in a guide like this. Out of an abundance of caution, we’re omitting the choices from the table of contents and linking you to the chapters in which you must make the choices instead. You can see the choices in the section headings below.]

Different types of choices

In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, there are three types of choices you can make.

  1. Snap decisions. In the middle of conversations, Star-Lord might need to resolve a conflict, or you may interrupt a conversation to steer it in a different direction. These quick decisions don’t impact the story’s ending.
  2. Minor changes. These sorts of decisions steer the narrative in different directions, but ultimately don’t have a major impact. For instance, you might make decisions that give you access to certain items or information. This may allow you to take a slightly different path or skip puzzles, but in the end, the story will resolve the same way.
  3. Big decisions. These affect the story, certain combat encounters, and the ending. Thankfully, the game pauses during most of these choices, giving you time to deliberate. These decisions change the story, alter how some encounters play out, and affect how the story ends.

Our guide covers choices that impact the story, key battles, and the ending. If a decision isn’t below, then it’s safe to assume that the choices you make won’t have a significant impact on your experience. In those cases, choose what feels best. You can always replay chapters to see how the story plays out differently.

Sell Groot or Rocket

In Chapter 3, you have to decide which of your teammates to sell to Lady Hellbender: Groot or Rocket. While this decision doesn’t have a major impact on the game’s ending, it does affect Chapters 3 and 4. In fact, Chapter 4 will lead you down two totally different paths, depending on who you choose to sell.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy characters stand on a platform
Selling Groot or Rocket plays out differently
Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon
  • If you sell Groot, your negotiations with Lady Hellbender will end calmly. You’ll get your credits, and your team will sneak back through her base to break out Groot.
  • If you sell Rocket, your negotiations will immediately turn south. Your team will fight your way out of Lady Hellbender’s base, and you’ll need to rob her vault to get the credits you need before leaving.

Let Gamora attack Raker or not

At the tail end of Chapter 8, Gamora chooses to run up a ramp to attack Raker on her own. While no dialogue options pop up during this section, you can choose to let her go or stop her.

Gamora from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
Let Gamora go or stop her?
Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon
  • If you let Gamora attack Raker, she won’t be with you for the latter half of the mission. She will turn up at the start of Chapter 9. When she returns, she will have seriously wounded Raker, affecting him in a boss fight later in the game. She will also act distant at the start of the next chapter. When speaking with her on the ship, choose “break into song” and she’ll to open up.
  • If you follow Gamora up the ramp, you’ll stop her from attacking Raker. If you intervene, she’ll rejoin you for the rest of the mission, and Raker won’t be damaged when you fight him later.

Pay your fine or don’t

Your decision to hide the creature or hide the tech earlier in the game determines how much of a fine you’ll need to pay the Nova Corp. Some scenarios on Knowhere — paying to get into the Collector’s Emporium, getting robbed, buying the Disabler, and playing games of chance, for example — decrease the credits you’ll have by Chapter 9.

Paying your fine in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
You could pay your fine
Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

Paying the fine won’t greatly affect the ending, but you will get the achievement or trophy “Galactic Frugality” if you settle it. To pay the fine, choose the following options when talking to the computer at New Xander from your ship:

  • Criminal Offenses
  • Past Crime
  • Pay A Fine

Choosing this option also lets you immediately speak to the Worldmind. Your conversation with the supercomputer will affect the game later on.

Make the Worldmind doubt its logic

Once you’ve made contact with the Worldmind, it will present you with a series of dialogue options in Chapter 9. If you successfully navigate this conversation, it will help you near the end of the game.

The Worldmind in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

The conversation here moves quickly, so you won’t have much time to decide what to say. If you want the Worldmind’s help in the later chapters, choose the following options when speaking to it:

  • Share Intel
  • Appeal to Duty
  • Put into Perspective

This Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy conversation “plants a seed of doubt in the Warmind’s logic routines.” While the payoff for this event isn’t immediate, Worldmind will come to your aid later in the story.

Free Cosmo from The Promise

On your second trip to Knowhere in Chapter 12, you’ll find find that Cosmo has fallen victim to The Promise. It’s possible to steer him away from its grip. Releasing Cosmo from its effects will allow him to help you near the end of the game.

Cosmo the dog in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
You can save Cosmo
Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

You won’t have a lot of time to decide what to say, but making the right choices will help your friend recover. If you want to free Cosmo and gain his help later, choose the following responses:

  • Offer hand
  • Focus on present
  • Remind about puppies

Freeing Cosmo will allow him to regain control of his mind and take care of his puppies. Text will appear on screening noting that Cosmo appreciates your help. He’ll return the favor later in the game.

Nikki’s Promise

Near the game’s finale, you’ll enter Nikki’s Promise one last time. While the beginning of this scenario is similar to the first time you experienced it, you’ll get to talk to her a bit more. Making the the right choices here will break her free.

Nikki Gold from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
You’ll have another chance to save Nikki
Image: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix via Polygon

Choosing the options below will resolve things:

  • Be cautious
  • Acknowledge limits
  • Ease her guilt
  • Trust Nikki

Final encounter

As the credits roll, there is one final encounter you’ll need to take care of as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Choose the following options throughout the encounter and end things once and for all:

  • Slow clap
  • Badger
  • Provoke

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