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Riders Republic crossplay guide

Group up with friends on Amazon Luna, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, and Windows PC

a peloton of mountain bikers racing through a wooded course in Riders Republic Image: Ubisoft Annecy/Ubisoft

Riders Republic crossplay is all about challenging yourself and others in a variety of extreme sports and races. Since community is so important, it’s fitting that cross-play is built in, whether you’re playing on Amazon Luna, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, or Windows PC.

In this Riders Republic crossplay guide, we’ll explain how to enable and disable cross-play (which you can totally spell with or without a hyphen, we swear) and how to group up with riders on other consoles and platforms.

How to enable crossplay in Riders Republic

Crossplay is enabled by default in Riders Republic. This means all the Mass Races, Free For All, and Trick Battle events will have riders from every generation of console and platform as soon as you start the game. (Unless you’re playing in Zen Mode, which you can play offline.)

Just to be clear (because we might have gotten confused for a minute), disabling cross-play doesn’t disable Riders Republic matchmaking. It just constrains who you can play with online. For example, disabling crossplay on a PS4 or PS5 just means that only play with PlayStation Network users. You won’t see anyone on on an Xbox console.

Rider’s Republic Options menu, where crossplay (or cross-play) lives
The Options menu is easy to miss.
Image: Ubisoft Annecy/Ubisoft via Polygon

If, for whatever reason, you turn it off or need to turn it back on, go to the Riders Republic pause menu’s Home tab > Options > Gameplay tab > Opponents section to find the crossplay setting.

Playing with friends

Riders Republic allows you to create a group with up to five friends (or strangers for that matter). Head to your pause menu’s Social tab to get started.

Under the Players List tab, you’ll find lists of players to choose from. There’s All, which is just a list of everyone on your server(?) at the moment, Friends which draws from your platform-specific friends list, Around Me that shows you players physically near you on the map, and Recent that is a list of people you’ve been grouped with before.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add friends from other consoles or platforms. You’ll have to rely on bumping into them in-game.

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