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Riders Republic Relics map locations

Find all 11 Shackdaddies Funkies bikes, skis, and wings

Riders Republic Relic map locations Image: Ubisoft Annecy/Ubisoft via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Scattered around Riders Republic’s map, there are 11 Relics — unique Shackdaddy Funkies gear for you to find. You’ll need to do a lot of exploring to find these bikes, skis, surf boards, and wings.

In this Riders Republic Relics guide, we’ll show you map locations for all 11 pieces of Shackdaddys Funkies gear. We’ll also point out the nearest fast travel location of the Grandpa Bike, Plane Wing, Surf Board, Old School Skis, Training Bike, Cardboard Plane, Adventure Bike, Folding Bike, Destroyed Bike, Wood Ski Blades, and Pizza Delivery Bike.

Table of contents

The Riders Republic Relic locations below are broken down by park in a vaguely clockwise direction from the northwest corner of the map.

Riders Republic Relic map locations
Riders Republic Relic map locations
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Ubisoft Annecy/Ubisoft via Polygon
  1. Grandpa Bike
  2. Plane Wing
  3. Surf Board
  4. Old School Skis
  5. Training Bike
  6. Cardboard Plane
  7. Adventure Bike
  8. Folding Bike
  9. Destroyed Bike
  10. Wood Ski Blades
  11. Pizza Delivery Bike

Yosemite // Yosemite Valley

Grandpa Bike

Look for the T in the Yosemite Valley label on your map. The spot you’re looking for is on the left side in the T’s armpit — you’ll also see a label for the Chapel there.

The closest fast travel location is Yosemite Village. Follow the road west to the Chapel and you’ll find the Yosemite Chapel Relic leaning against the mailbox(?) out front.

Yosemite // Cloud Rest

Plane Wing

Cloud Rest is at the far eastern end of Yosemite park, near the eastern edge of the map. The spot you’re looking for is right between the Cloud and Rest in the map label.

The closest fast travel location is Eagle View a little to the east of there. Follow the road west and look for the plane crash in a pond. The Fallen Plane Relic is the tail section of the plane.

Grand Teton // Petersen Glacier

Surf Board

In the northeast of the map, follow along the top edge until you spot The Wall Glacier. This Relic is a little west of there.

The closest fast travel location is Teton North, so you’ll have a bit of a hike through the snow to get there. Look for an igloo, and the North of Teton Relic will be leaning against the outside.

Grand Teton // Grand Teton

Old School Skis

In the northeast of the map, look for The Wall Glacier again, and then go south to find Grand Teton. This Relic location is west of the mountain and straight north from Disappointment Peak.

Head to the Teton Glacier fast travel location. Drop off the mountain headed west. The location you’re looking for is a very nondescript tent. Pick up the Teepee Pillar Relic from out front.

Grand Teton // Cascade Canyon

Training Bike

This Relic is located in the very, very northeast corner of the map in Cascade Canyon.

Head to the Table Mountain fast travel point. Head straight east until you see a line of Christmas presents leading to a decorated Christmas tree. The Cascade Canyon Relic is by the guitarist at the base of the tree.

Sequoia // General Highway

Cardboard Plane

You’ll find Sequoia park in the east-southeast of the map. Look for the I in the Sequoia label. This Relic location is west of there.

The closest fast travel point is up the hill at Moro Rock. Follow the ridge (a long way) south-southeast until you spot this little cabin. Pick up the Dead Forest Relic from right next to the guitar player.

Canyonlands // Colorado River: The Slide

Adventure Bike

In the southeast corner of the map, you’ll find Canyonlands park. Look for the second N in Canyonlands and trace a line north to the river. That’s where this Relic can be found.

There’s not really a convenient fast travel location for this one, but The Invitational is the closest. Follow the river to the west until you spot the camp. The Colorado River Relic is leaning against a boulder in front of the tent.

Canyonlands // Arches Valley

Folding Bike

Arches Valley is at the far west end of Canyonlands park and this Relic location is all the way to the west-southwest of Arches Valley. Look for the Fiery Furnace Playground marker and follow the arrow west toward the river.

Use the Fiery Furnace fast travel location and head west. There’s a dirt trail to follow all the way down to the Arches Valley Relic. There’s not camp this time, but you’ll see the guitarist sitting on top of a boulder nearby.

Zion // Pine Creek

Destroyed Bike

Look for a point that juts out of the western edge of Zion park. This Relic is a little north of there along the border.

Head for the Lincoln Peak fast travel location in Mammoth and head down the hill to the south-southeast. Just across the border into Zion, watch for a destroyed cabin. The Emerald Pool Relic is in this river against a rock.

Mammoth // Santiago Bowl

Wood Ski Blades

You’ll find Santiago Bowl in the southwest corner of Mammoth. This Relic is located south of Mammoth Summit.

Fast travel to Mammoth Summit and there’s a trail that will lead you straight to the Relic. Look for a disconnected ski lift car and you’ll find the Mammoth Summit Relic nearby.

Mammoth // Canyon Lodge

Pizza Delivery Bike

Look for Mammoth City in the northeast of Mammoth park. This Relic is to the southwest along the border between Mammoth City and Canyon Lodge.

The closest fast travel location is either Up Town or West City. You’ll have to do some hiking, though, since they’re both at about the same elevation as the Relic. You’re looking for a pizza shop along the road. The Canyon Lodge Relic is leaning against the garage door.

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