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Cookie costumes and Rainbow Cubes — Cookie Run: Kingdom guide

How to get Rainbow Cubes and unlock costumes

Royal Knight Raspberry Cookie on the costumes list screen Image: Devsisters via Polygon

Cookie Run: Kingdom now has skins for your cookies to wear, but they’re obtainable only through the Costume Gacha using the special Rainbow Cube currency. Our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide will explain where to get Rainbow Cubes and list out all the different skins in the game.

How to unlock Costume Gacha

You’ll need to beat World Exploration stage 2-13 before you get a quest from Mont Blanc Cookie. Once you complete this quest by turning in five Sweet Jelly Jams, you’ll unlock the Costume Gacha and Rainbow Cubes.

How to get Rainbow Cubes

There’s not a particular way to farm Rainbow Cubes. While some events and codes will give out Rainbow Cubes as a reward, the main way to get them is to buy them through bundles. However, this method is expensive, and we don’t really recommend it, since spending tons of money on a gacha system can turn sour very quickly.

How does Costume Gacha work?

As with the other gacha systems in the game, you’ll spend a special currency to roll a random costume. Each roll costs 300 Rainbow Cubes, and you can roll five at once for 1,500 Rainbow Cubes. Rolling multiple at once does not increase any chances of getting a high-rarity costume.

Costumes are broken up into rarities, like cookies, and this determines how likely you are to get that costume type. Common costumes appear ~61% of the time, rare costumes appear ~30% of the time, and epic costumes appear ~9% of the time.

If you roll a duplicate, you’ll get some Rainbow Crystals. You can trade in 100 Rainbow Crystals for an epic-tier skin of your choice.

Do costumes provide an advantage in the game?

A little bit. Collecting many costumes in a set will yield small stat bonuses. You can view your costume sets by clicking on the “cookies” button at the bottom right of your screen, tapping “costumes,” and selecting “costume sets” in the bottom left corner.

Other than that, no, there’s no competitive edge. It just makes your cookies look fancy!

Cookie Run: Kingdom skin list

Below is a complete list of cookie costumes that are currently in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom — Complete list of costumes

Costume name Cookie Rarity
Costume name Cookie Rarity
GentleBrave's Tuxedo Gingerbrave Common
Wanderer of the Fall Clover Cookie Common
Slightly Burnt Pancake Cookie Common
Fragrant Shiitake Poison Mushroom Cookie Common
Rookie Mistake Alchemist Cookie Common
Strawberry Syrup Milk Cookie Common
Pink Bubbly Fizz Sparkling Cookie Common
Gnomed Wizard Cookie Common
Gnomed Strawberry Cookie Common
Hot Baked Yam Purple Yam Cookie Common
Blown Away Cherry Cookie Common
Unripe Berry Strawberry Cookie Common
Dark Shadow Ninja Cookie Common
Banana Syrup Milk Cookie Common
Jungle Camouflage Adventurer Cookie Common
I AM ART! Gumball Cookie Common
Bittersweet Guardian Knight Cookie Common
White Tears Onion Cookie Common
Chocolate Goodness Milk Cookie Common
Summer Bliss Princess Cookie Rare
Tourist Mode Mango Cookie Rare
Summer Getaway Tiger Lily Cookie Rare
Autumnal Leaves Herb Cookie Rare
Dreamy Prophecy Pomegranate Cookie Rare
Rosé Vampire Cookie Rare
Prison Breaker Chili Pepper Cookie Rare
Shadow Sister Pastry Cookie Rare
Royal Knight Raspberry Cookie Rare
Snowy Jiangshi Snow Sugar Cookie Rare
Bodyguard Lilac Cookie Rare
Sprung Up Poison Mushroom Cookie Rare
Pale Reaper Licorice Cookie Rare
Custard Delight Strawberry Crepe Cookie Rare
The Witch's Fatally Sweet Night Out Latte Cookie Epic
Yogurt Phantom Strawberry Crepe Cookie Epic
Crimson Knight Madeleine Cookie Epic
Herald of the Crumbled Fig Cookie Epic
Roasted to the Char Espresso Cookie Epic
Crimson Sunset Incense Lilac Cookie Epic
Burning Shadow Black Raisin Cookie Epic
Heat Meter: In the Red Mala Sauce Cookie Epic
Ruthless Flame Rye Cookie Epic
Jewel of the Summer Ocean Sea Fairy Cookie Epic
Romantic Sailor Sorbet Shark Cookie Epic
Commissioner of Parfaedia Almond Cookie Epic
Blanco Vampire Cookie Epic
Prince of a Lost Kingdom Dark Choco Cookie Epic

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