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Pokémon Unite guide: Best Tsareena builds

How to make the best Tsareena Pokémon Unite build

Tsareena best build guide Graphic: Jeff Ramos | Source image: The Pokémon Company/Timi Studios

In this Tsareena build guide for Pokémon Unite, we’ll show you the best attacks and Held Items to use for this All-Rounder fighter. We’ll explain how each of her moves and items work together to create powerful Pokémon that can rush down enemies while surviving in most combat scenarios.

Best Tsareena build

Tsareena is an All-Rounder Pokémon who uses physical melee attacks to kick her enemies into submission. This character excels in any lane and does especially well in the middle lane as they fully evolve at Lv. 6.

Best moves for Tsareena

The best Tsareena build in Pokémon Unite focuses on maintaining pressure on enemies with mobility and constant damage. Moves like Triple Axel and Grassy Glide allow you to close in on your enemies while Tsareena’s passive ability, Queenly Majesty, lets you reset those ability cooldowns.

Best items for Tsareena

Complement this build with the following held items: Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, and Muscle Band. These items increase Tsareena’s strength while giving her a bit more HP to increase survivability so you can play more aggressively. Eject Button can help you close the gap when chasing Pokémon for a final hit or escape when needed.

Best Tsareena build

Moves Held Items Battle Item
Moves Held Items Battle Item
Triple Axel Buddy Barrier Eject Button
Grassy Glide Focus Band
Muscle Band

Tsareena abilities

The first skill you want to select is Triple Axel at Lv. 5. This attack spins Tsareena three times in a chosen direction. The damage dealt by this move is increased each time you hit the enemy with a kick. Not only that but your basic attack speed is also boosted for each kick landed.

At Lv. 6, take Grassy Glide as your other skill. This attack has Tsareena slide in a given direction dealing damage along the way. The Pokémon follows up this attack with a backward kick, shoving her enemy in the attack’s direction.

Tsareena items

For Tsareena’s Held Items, start with Focus Band. This item boosts Defense and Sp. Defense. Since this Pokémon is a close-ranged fighter, they’ll be in the thick of combat and higher defense means they can stay in combat longer. Muscle Band increases your attack strength and speed. More hits equal more damage. Finally, round out Tsareena’s survivability with Buddy Barrier. The increase in health will keep the Pokémon alive and works well with Focus Band.

Tsareena’s passive ability

These specific attacks and Held Items work well in tandem with Tsareena’s passive ability. Queenly Majesty’s first benefit is that it decreases the duration of any effects on Tsareena like slows or stuns. However, once this Pokémon reaches Lv. 6, Queenly Majesty gets a serious upgrade.

Tsareena’s Queenly Majest Gauge in Pokémon Unite
Once all three bars are filled, Tsareena can use abilities again
Image: The Pokémon Company/Timi Studios

A blue bar with three sections will appear above Tsareena’s health. After each third normal attack or special move, one tick in the bar will be added. After all three sections are filled, all of Tsareena’s special ability cooldowns will reset. If you time your attacks properly, you can use this Pokémon’s powerful attacks in rapid succession.

Tsareena’s Unite Move

You can really see how all these attacks, items, and abilities come into play after Tsareena uses their Unite Move, Queenly Ascendant. Once activated, Tsareena will dive toward a single target. As the attack begins, your Pokémon will knock an enemy into the air, taking it out of combat, and dealing a load of damage.

Once the assault finishes, Tsareena’s will gain a burst of HP in addition to increased attack and movement speed. This is when all her abilities and items really shine.

Buddy Barrier’s second ability will activate after Tsareena does their Unite Move, giving them and nearby Pokémon a shield. Muscle Band’s attack speed boost will be even more effective with the post-Unite Move speed boost. Not only that, the effects of Tsareena’s passive ability, Queenly Majesty, will be easier to activate since Tsareena will be attacking much faster post-Unite Move.

After using Unite Move on a single enemy, Tsareena will be able to easily finish them off and any other surrounding Pokémon. It won’t be uncommon for you to take out multiple enemies in succession after launching your Unite Move. Tsareena’s boosted movement and attack speed will allow her to mow down enemies after a Unite Move. With the increased speed, Queenly Majesty’s effect will allow Tsareena to use their abilities at a much faster cadence. Finally, if any Pokémon manage to move out of reach, use Eject Button to catch up to them and finish them off.

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