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Pokémon Unite guide: Best Greedent builds

How to make the best Greedent Pokémon Unite build

Greedent from Pokémon Unite Graphic: Jeff Ramos | Source image: The Pokémon Company/Timi Studios

In this Greedent build guide for Pokémon Unite, we’ll show you the best attacks and Held Items to use for this Defender. We’ll explain how each of their moves and items work together to create a build that allows Greedent to be a well-fed powerhouse.

Best Greedent build

Greedent is a Defender Pokémon who uses berries to heal themselves while bashing and burping at their enemies. Once Greedent fully evolves at Lv. 7, this build will become a nuisance for enemies.

Best moves for Greedent

The best Greedent build in Pokémon Unite focuses on making use of their unique passive ability Cheek Pouch. This skill is supported by the move Stuff Cheeks. Your main damage attack is Belch.

Best items for Greedent

Complement this build with the following held items: Attack Weight, Buddy Barrier, and Score Shield. This trio of items will allow Greedent to become stronger much earlier in the game before you can unlock Belch and its Unite Move. Make smart use of Goal-Getter to increase how fast Greedent can score goals.

Best Greedent build

Moves Held Items Battle Item
Moves Held Items Battle Item
Stuff Cheeks Attack Weight Goal-Getter
Belch Buddy Barrier
Muscle Band

Greedent abilities

Greedent’s passive ability Cheek Pouch allows them to have unique interactions with the berries it drops from its various attacks. After every three attacks, Greedent will drop a berry. Consuming a berry restores a bit of Greedent’s HP while also hiding a berry in its five-point berry stash counter. If Greedent is hit by an attack, it will drop one stashed berry. The more berries Greedent has in its stash, the more powerful other abilities can become.

The first skill you want to select is Stuff Cheeks at Lv. 5. This ability is a buff that makes Greedent throw a pile of berries in front of them. You and your teammates can use these berries to gain small amounts of health. Whenever Greedent is near these berries, they will move faster toward them. If Greedent is at full health and consumes any of these berries, they will gain shields instead. This ability also fills up Greedent’s Cheek Pouch passive ability.

At Lv. 7, unlock Belch. This ranged attack makes Greedent burp a large cloud of gas in front of them in an arc. Enemies caught in this wide area of effect get damaged and slowed down. The power of this ability increases the more berries Greedent has stashed away.

Greedent items

For Greedent’s items, start with Buddy Barrier. This will give the Pokémon an initial boost of extra HP while also shielding it and its partners when they use their Unite Move. Follow this up with Score Shield. This item also gives Greedent more HP and gives them a shield worth 10% of their max HP when they are trying to score. The first two items will boost Greedent’s health so much it’ll be difficult to break the shield to interrupt them while scoring. Finalize the build with Attack Weight which boosts Greedent’s attack by 12 points each time it scores a goal.

This set of items will allow Greedent to stack attack power very early on before your enemies become too powerful to break their Score Shield. If you’re having trouble scoring, use Goal-Getter at the right time to make the task easier.

Greedent’s Unite Move

You can turn Greedent into an overwhelming burping machine when you use its Unite Move: Berry Belly Flop. The attack begins with the Pokémon eating a berry to recover some health. They will also gain a shield from Buddy Barrier at the same time. Then Greedent will jump to a designated location damaging and tossing any enemies they hit. This is followed up by Greedent eating yet another berry that constantly resets their ability cooldowns.

Once in this mode, Greedent’s Cheek Pouch meter will stay maxed out. Their cooldowns on Belch will also be greatly reduced. This means you can burp at enemies at full strength for an extended period of time. This can turn Greedent into a powerfully gaseous nuisance that is hard to deal with.

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