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Pokémon Unite guide: Holiday event 2021

What items are available during the Illumination Challenge?

The Pokémon Unite holiday event Image: he Pokémon Company/Timi Studios

In this Pokémon Unite holiday event guide, we’ll explain what rewards, items, and new challenges are available during this event. We’ll detail what the Illumination Challenge is and how to earn Lights to gain holiday-themed rewards. This guide also explains what the Snowball Battle in Shrive City is and how it differs from normal quick battle matches.

What is the Pokémon Unite holiday special event?

You can access the Pokémon Unite holiday event from the game’s main menu. A new icon appears above the Shops icon that will bring you to this year’s Special Event.

The main menu in Pokémon Unite
Access the holiday event from the main menu
Image: he Pokémon Company/Timi Studios

This holiday special event runs from Dec. 15 to Jan. 16. This festive update features several unique challenges, items, and battles:

  • A host of holiday-themed items are available for your trainer and Pokémon
  • A new quick match mode called Snowball Battle in Shrive City will be available
  • A special gift will become available on Dec. 24
  • A photo challenge will begin on Dec. 24 and run until Jan. 6
  • A new event called the Illumination Challenge will be added to your regular event challenges

What is the Illumination Challenge?

The Illumination Challenge is a series of daily missions and lengthy challenge missions to complete by playing Pokémon Unite. These tasks are similar to the types of activities you must complete to fill out your regular events and battle pass rewards.

The Illumination Challenge in Pokémon Unite
Get rewards and Lights for completing missions
Pokémon Unite

However, unlike other activities that unlock rewards like Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets, completing missions in the Illumination Challenge also unlocks Lights. Each challenge unlocks several of these new bits of currency. As you obtain more Lights, the tree that is present in the Illumination Challenge menu gets lit up more and more.

There are several tiers of rewards you can obtain when gaining more Lights:

  • 100 Lights: 1-day Limited License for Alolan Ninetails
  • 350 Lights: A Holiday Style profile frame for your Unite snapshot
  • 700 Lights: Holiday Socks
  • 1,100 Lights: A Holiday Style background for your Unite snapshot
  • 1,500 Lights: A Holiday Hat for your trainer

You can also gain holiday-themed stickers for your Unite snapshot by completing the longer challenge missions on this menu.

What is Snowball Battle in Shrive City limited event?

Snowball Battle in Shrive City is a limited-time quick battle similar to the other 4 vs. 4 matches in Pokémon Unite with a holiday twist. This event runs from Dec. 15 to Jan. 16.

Just like regular quick battle matches, two teams must battle it out in a small arena. The objectives are similar — defeat Pokémon and dunk orbs for points — but the match is faster-paced and more hectic. However, in this version, there are a few added changes that make for wilder and more cheery battles.

Snowball Battle in Shrive City in Pokémon Unite
When you get knocked out, you become a snow person
Image: he Pokémon Company/Timi Studios

The first major holiday-themed change is what happens when your Pokémon is knocked out. Instead of retreating back to your base and respawning there, your Pokémon turns into a massive snow person. Your usual respawn counter still exists while you’re in this form, but you no longer have to wait back at base to come back into the battle. You’ll transform where you got knocked out, and you can hop around and wave before the snow melts and you turn back to normal.

The other change is the addition of several Delibird Pokémon scattered across the map. After defeating them, they each drop a present. They grant random, single-use items with fun effects like one that replaces your position with a target Pokémon or another that turns you into a rampaging snowball for a few seconds.

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