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Pokémon Unite guide: Best Dragonite builds

How to make the best Dragonite Pokémon Unite build

Dragonite from Pokémon Unite Image: The Pokémon Company/Tencent Games

In this Dragonite build guide for Pokémon Unite, we’ll show you the best attacks and Held Items to use for this All-Rounder. We’ll explain how each of their moves and items work together to create a build that allows for very aggressive gameplay.

Best Dragonite build

Dragonite is an All-Rounder Pokémon who has a series of moves that help reduce the cooldown of their abilities. Once Dragonite fully evolves at Lv. 8, their power spikes and they become a full-on bruiser. In its final form, this Pokémon can rampage very effectively at close range and use its abilities almost nonstop.

Best moves for Dragonite

The best Dragonite build in Pokémon Unite focuses on making use of several unique traits across their skillset that reduce special move cooldowns. After every third basic attack, Dragonite’s boosted attack will reduce the cooldown of their moves. Follow up this ability with Dragon Dance at Lv. 5, which boosts damage and attack speed. Then choose Outrage at Lv. 8 which turns all of Dragonite’s attacks into boosted attacks, which can further decrease cooldown times.

Best items for Dragonite

Since our recommended build requires Dragonite to play aggressively as a melee character, you’ll want the right items to complement that style of play. Put on a Muscle Band, Razor Claw, and Weakness Policy to build strength the longer you stay in the fight. When things go south, you can use an Eject Button as your Battle Item to escape.

Best Trevenant build

Moves Held Items Battle Item
Moves Held Items Battle Item
Curse Buddy Barrier Potion
Pain Split Focus Band
Score Shield

Dragonite abilities

Dragonite’s boosted attacks change with the creature through its three tiers of evolution. Its first boosted attack is water-based and reduces your ability cooldown times. During its second evolution, the Pokémon will cycle between two types of boosted attacks. It retains the water-based attack from its first form, but it also gains an electric-type attack. When an enemy gets hit by that electric attack, they become unable to act for a moment. When Dragonite reaches its final form, it adds a fire-type attack to the rotation. The first two attacks retain their abilities and when the fire attack hits, that boosted attack hits harder.

The first ability you want to choose is Dragon Dance at Lv. 5. This attack has Dragonite glide in an arc in a chosen direction. At the end of the movement, your Pokémon will gain increased damage, movement speed, and attack speed. Each time a basic attack lands, Dragon Dance’s cooldown is reduced. Not only that, each time this move is used in a game, you can gain up to three stacks that further boost Dragonite’s damage.

The next skill to unlock is Outrage at Lv. 8. This ability makes Dragonite stomp the ground in anger, hurting enemies around them, and turning all their attacks into melee swipes. Not only that, when the attack is launched, the effect of the last boosted attack is triggered. Further still, each melee strike that Dragonite performs during this ability’s duration becomes s boosted attack with increased attack speed.

With the effect of Dragonite’s water-type boosted attack, Dragon Dance’s ability to reduce its own cooldown time with basic attacks, and Outrage’s ability to perform fast melee attacks that also trigger boosted attacks, this Pokémon can truly begin rampaging once it reaches Lv. 8.

Once you have both moves unlocked, use Dragon Dance to get into position and boost your attack speed. When you reach your destination, hit Outrage for a burst of damage, then begin to melee attack. As those attacks fly out, all of our cooldowns will become reduced. Once Dragon Dance is ready, use it again. Then do the same with Outrage. Repeat until there is nothing left to hit.

Dragonite items

The right Held Items can turn Dragonite into an oppressive melee bully. Muscle Band increases attack strength and speed which makes boosted attacks easier to get. Since this build has Dragonite constantly using special moves, add Razor Claw next which boosts attack damage whenever a Pokémon uses an ability. Round out the Held Items with Weakness Policy as a contingency plan. This item boosts HP and attack damage whenever you get hit. Since you’ll be playing aggressively, you can make enemies pay for hitting you. Grab an Eject Button as your Battle Item so you can get away from dangerous situations if you play too aggressively.

Dragonite’s Unite Move

Dragonite’s Unite Move is called Draco Impact which allows the Pokémon to fly a good distance before slamming down on a designated area. While in flight, the player cannot be stopped. Use this move to engage in big group fights or to steal objectives like Rotom, Drednaw, or Zapdos. Since the move covers so much ground, you can perform this ability from outside the enemy’s field of vision to catch them by surprise.

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