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Inscryption guide: Clock puzzle solution

How to solve the clock puzzle in the cabin and find salvation in the cuckoo clock

The clock puzzle solution in Inscryption Image: Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital via Polygon

In this Inscryption clock puzzle guide, we’ll show you how to solve the clock puzzle, explaining all the steps it takes to discover the hidden code on the clock and what secrets are hidden inside this simple piece of furniture. We’ll also show you the safe code, the solution to the cabin sliding puzzle, how to uncage the wolf, and how to get the knife.

Inscryption clock puzzle table of contents

Very early on in your cryptic adventure in Inscryption, you’ll constantly pass by a cuckoo clock inside the cabin. You can freely move the hour, minute, and second hand, but there aren’t many clues about time to set clock to.

Finding the solution to the cuckoo clock puzzle in Inscryption requires solving a few other puzzles first.

Find the safe code

The first step to getting the solution to the clock puzzle requires figuring out how to open the safe.

As you play through the card game, one of your cards, the Stoat, will tell you that they saw someone else write a code inside the rulebook. You can check the rulebook at any time by standing up from the table whenever the map is laid out.

The rulebook is to your immediate left. Click on the rulebook, and you’ll find the safe code stamped in blood on the first page you open to.

The safe code in Inscryption rulebook
The safe code is in the rulebook
Image: Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Use code 2-7-3 to open the safe and get the Stinkbug card and a key. The key opens the large dresser on the back of the room. Upon opening the dresser, you’ll find several sliding puzzles you need to solve.

Cabin sliding puzzle solutions

The dresser in the cabin contains four sliding puzzles. After solving each one, you’ll be able to open a drawer containing various items.

The sliding puzzles are similar to the card combat in Inscryption. You can slide each puzzle piece up and down to make different arrangements on the game board. Your goal is to slide the pieces so that the configuration you create would deal five damage. Once your solution is set, hit the bell button on the left and the game will tally the damage. If you deal five damage, a drawer will open.

Use the solutions below to solve all four of the cabin sliding puzzles.

You will gain the following rewards from each drawer:

  • Top left: Skink card
  • Top right: Worker Ant and Queen Ant cards
  • Bottom left: Caged Wolf card
  • Bottom right: Squirrel Head carving

While all the items you find inside the drawers are interesting and will help you throughout the card game, the Caged Wolf card is the most important reward. This odd card has high health and no attack power, making it good for blocking attacks. However, its real power lies in how it interacts with the cabin itself.

How to uncage the wolf

Near the back of the cabin, you’ll find a wolf carving inside a metal cage. Normally, there would be no way for you to free this statue, but now that you have the Caged Wolf card, you can break it free.

With the card in hand, return back to the table, and continue playing the card game until you are able to play the Caged Wolf card. Use it to block attacks until the card is defeated.

How to uncage the wolf in Inscryption
Allow your cage wolf to get defeated
Image: Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital via Polygon

When the cage wolf card gets defeated in combat, you’ll hear a crash in the cabin. The card will also transform into a normal wolf card. Finish your current match, and once you can walk away from the table again, go to the wolf carving in the back of the room. It is now free for you to grab.

How to get the knife

Now that you can grab the wolf carving, pick it up and bring it to the carving of the rabbit and the knife. Place the wolf down on the left side of the contraption and the rabbit carving will let go of the knife, allowing you to get the special dagger.

How to get the knife in Inscryption
Use the wolf carving to get the knife
Image: Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Return to the table, and you’ll find the special dagger placed alongside your useable items like the pliers and emergency rabbit card. Just like the pliers, you can use the knife to literally tip the scales during the card game and give yourself an advantage. All you need to do is sacrifice an eye.

Inscryption clock puzzle solution

When you use the special dagger during the card game, you will — somewhat gruesomely — stab one of your eyes from your head and place it on the scale. Upon completing a match where you sacrifice an eye, the game master will offer you a selection of replacement eyes.

Among the various new eyes to choose from will be one with glowing green lines on it. Choose that eye.

With your new eye in place, you’ll start seeing floating runes and hidden paint throughout the room. The first thing you will notice is writing on the chest that your game master keeps their eyes in. Text on the chest reads “Find salvation in the cuckoo clock.”

The clock puzzle solution in Inscryption
Now you can solve the clock puzzle
Image: Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Now that you have your new eye, you’ll be able to see even more hidden paint around the room. After placing your eye into your head, back away from the table when the game master pulls the map back up. Walk over to the clock, and now you can see what time you need to set with all three hands.

The clock puzzle solution in Inscryption
Set the time to solve the clock puzzle
Image: Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Press the three round buttons on the clock to match the paint marks on the clock. Doing so opens the bottom doors of the clock, revealing the Stunted Wolf card and a roll of film.

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