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Pokémon Unite guide: Best Trevenant builds

How to make the best Trevenant Pokémon Unite build

Trevenant from Pokémon Unite Image: The Pokémon Company/Tencent Games

In this Pokémon Unite Trevenant build guide, we’ll show you the best moves to pick and Held Items to use for this Defender. This guide will show you how to use their moves and items together to create a build that will cripple your opponents.

Best Trevenant build

Trevenant is a Defender whose Ghost-type moves can really be a nuisance to deal with. This recommended build focuses on using abilities that can hinder and damage enemies at the cost of Trevenant’s own health. In fact, the weaker Trevenant is, the more dangerous they become.

Best moves for Trevenant

The best Trevenant build for Pokémon Unite relies on using abilities that synergize well with the character’s passive trait. The Natural Cure ability will automatically restore Trevenant’s health when they are low on HP. As their health is restored, their ability cooldowns also get reduced. Choosing Curse at Lv. 5 allows this Pokémon to create an area of effect that damages and slows enemies in exchange for some of their own health Follow up this ability with Pain Split at Lv. 7. This move creates a link between Trevenant and a target. A portion of damage dealt to you will be redirected to your enemy.

Best items for Trevenant

Since Trevenant performs the best while at lower health, you’ll need to use items that give the Pokémon a large health pool and ample defense. Buddy Barrier and Score Shield will add a huge chunk of HP to this Pokémon while Focus Band will boost your defense. If you find yourself teetering too close to being knocked out, use a Potion to restore your health.

Best Trevenant build

Moves Held Items Battle Item
Moves Held Items Battle Item
Curse Buddy Barrier Potion
Pain Split Focus Band
Score Shield

Trevenant abilities

Trevenant’s boosted attack and passive ability focus on restoring health. Each boosted attack restores HP while the Pokémon will also gradually regain life when its health drops too low. While its HP is passively restored, its cooldowns also become reduced. The key to playing Trevenant is managing its health and letting it stay low, but not too low.

The first ability you want to select is Curse at Lv. 5. When this attack is launched, Trevenant creates an area of cursed energy that damages enemies and slows them down. The lower your health when you activate the move, the stronger its effects will be on your opponent. Not only that, while the ability is active, any damage dealt or received by Trevenant builds up energy. When that power is released, you can deal even more damage to your enemy. If enough energy is built up and used, the Pokémon’s cooldowns get lowered.

The next ability you want to unlock is Pain Split at Lv. 7. This move links Trevenant to an enemy Pokémon. Whenever you receive damage while the link is active, a portion of that damage will get sent to your target. The effects of this ability are amplified as your health decreases. In the event you use Pain Split while you have lower HP than your target, you will actually sap health from your enemy.

Trevenant items

Trevenant becomes more powerful the less health it has, but that doesn’t mean you want to make yourself easy to knock out. Buddy Barrier not only grants your Pokémon a large amount of health, but it also shields you and nearby friendly players with a large shield based on each individual’s max HP. Score Shield also boosts your health while giving you protection based on your max HP whenever you attempt to score a goal. Focus Band rounds out Trevenant’s survivability by automatically restoring health at low HP and boosting your Defense and Special Defense.

Trevenant’s Unite Move

Trevenant’s Unite Move is called Phantom Forest and it becomes more powerful as it hits more enemies. The ability creates a large area of effect that damages and tosses all enemy Pokémon within its range. Those enemies affected by the attack will receive increased damage for a short period of time. Not only that, Trevenant will gain a shield and increased healing benefits depending on how many enemies it hits with its Unite Move.