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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.2 changes

What’s different in TFT patch 12.2?

Characters from TFT patch 12.2 Image: Riot Games

In this Teamfight Tactics patch 12.2 changes guide, we’ll explain what to expect in this update. This patch brings several buffs and nerfs to characters, traits, and augments that will affect gameplay. TFT patch 12.2 also kicks off the Gifts of the Golden Lantern event which brings several new tacticians to unlock.

TFT patch 12.2 highlights

TFT patch 12.2 marks the start of the Gifts of the Golden Lantern event. In addition to a host of new tacticians to unlock comes several changes to the game itself. A handful of characters and augments will be receiving buffs and nerfs to rebalance the game. The patch notes for 12.2 also reveal that the game is receiving a new augment and while losing one in return.

A high-level overview of TFT patch 12.2 changes
TFT patch 12.2 change highlights
Image: Riot Games

TFT patch 12.2 buffs

  • Champion: Cho’Gath
  • Champion: Gangplank
  • Champion: Heimerdinger
  • Champion: Urgot
  • Item: Locket of the Solari
  • Augment: Protector Heart
  • Augment: Item Grab Bag II
  • Augment: Portable Forge
  • Augment: High Roller
  • Augment: Shrug It Off
  • Augment: Wise Spending

TFT patch 12.2 nerfs

  • Trait: Mercenary
  • Champion: Seraphine
  • Champion: Sion
  • Champion: Braum
  • Champion: Tahm Kench
  • Augment: Bodyguard Heart
  • Augment: Bodyguard Crest
  • Augment: Metabolic Accelerator

Other TFT patch 12.2 changes

  • Trait: Bodyguard armor reduced, shield increased
  • Augment: Clockwork Crest added
  • Augment: Thrill of the Hunt removed

TFT lunar event

The new tacticians in TFT patch 12.2
The new tacticians in TFT patch 12.2
Image: Riot Games

TFT patch 12.2 also brings the Gifts of the Golden Lantern event. This limited event adds several new Lunar Legend Festival-themed tacticians to the game like a handful of Duckbill, Dango, and Dowsie variants. Players can also unlock a new Chibi Firecracker Jinx and a rare Year of the Tiger Protector tactician.

You can find full galleries of all the new tacticians added in TFT patch 12.2 on Riot’s official news update.

TFT patch 12.2 bug fixes

The latest patch for TFT also brings several bug fixes. These changes adjust several issues and incorrect game behaviors. The updates are as follows:

Is the Clock Working: Clockwork Crest will now be available in the Augment selection menu as intended

Imperial bug fix: Imperial 5’s damage buff on all Imperial units is no longer removed during some combats in uncommon situations

More excellent shot: Caitlyn’s Ability can no longer hit invulnerable and untargetable objects (Hexcore, Guardian Angel stasis, etc.)

Fiora’s Ability no longer fizzles if her target dies as she begins her cast

1-Star Illaoi’s Harsh Lessons Magic Damage is now the intended 200 rather than 175

Units that are sold with Sniper Emblem no longer retain their bonus +1 Attack Range

Dragon’s Claw no longer triggers against some physical Abilities

Runaan’s Hurricane no longer applies Viktor’s Armor shred

Fixed an issue where Crown augments would still appear when players had previously taken the Built Different augment. Soul augments that benefit the entire team are still allowed to appear (e.g. Enforcer Soul, Arcanist Soul)

Not exZactly as planned: Zac will no longer sometimes target the same enemy twice with his Ability

Fixed a rare issue where Zac would deal double damage to one of the targets he was yoinking

You can learn more about TFT patch 12.2 and each of the in-depth changes to the game by reading Riot’s official 12.2 patch notes news update.

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