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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy guide: Trophies

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy guide: All treasure locations

The location of all 67 hidden treasures

Image: Naughty Dog/Sony

In Polygon’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy treasures guide, we’ll help you find every collectible in every chapter of the game, which is part of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PS5.

Throughout all nine Uncharted: The Lost Legacy missions, you can find 67 treasures spread across each chapter. Each of these treasures appears within The Lost Legacy as a glowing white object. Since you don’t have a map in most of these missions, follow our screenshots and directions to discover the location of all these hidden collectibles.

Table of contents

We’ve organized our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy treasures guide based on chapter numbers and that mission’s title.

Chapter 1 treasure locations

There is only one treasure in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 1, “The Insurgency.”

Sterling Silver Cigarette Case

Naughty Dog/Sony

You’ll find this treasure on the roof of the building with the red door (as pictured in the image at the top of this guide). When you get to the roof, head toward the ladder ahead of you and on the left. Before climbing, turn left again and look on the barrels under the small roof.

Chapter 2 treasure locations

There are five treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 2, “Infiltration.”

Bullet Whistle

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

Shortly after the ledge-walking tutorial and right before the zip line tutorial, hang off of the ledge. Make your way left (while hanging) to find this treasure.

Military Service Lighter

Naughty Dog/Sony

When you take out the insurgent after your trip down the zip line, you’ll have to head into the shack to retrieve the rolling crate. Inside the shack, the lighter is out in the open on the table to your right.

Utility Spork

Naughty Dog/Sony

The second rolling crate you have to move (the one you drop not-quite-but-almost onto Nadine) has the spork right underneath it.

Traveling Inkwell

Naughty Dog/Sony

Shortly after you drop that crate on Nadine, you’ll work your way over to an office building. There’s a hallway on the left side right where you enter. The inkwell is at the end.

Tactical Compass

Naughty Dog/Sony

Once you get inside Asav’s storeroom, head toward the large windows on your left. The compass is behind a bookshelf.

Chapter 3 treasure locations

There are four treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 3, “Homecoming.”

Gupta Empire Coins

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

When you drive through the “flamingo convention,” there’s a ramp-shaped rock. Get out of the jeep and look in the water on the far side of the ramp for the coins.

Silver Water Jar

Naughty Dog/Sony

When you attach the winch to the gate, you’ll get ambushed by some insurgents. After you defeat them, look for the crumbling wall up, behind and to the left of where they appeared. Hit it with a grenade to knock it down, and you’ll find the jar right behind it.

Golden Fish Statuette

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

After the gate, you’ll drive for a little bit. Watch for an area with two waterfalls on your right. There’s a hidden alcove right in between them. The statuette is on the ground inside.

Mango Crystal Scent Flask

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

After you fight off Asav’s insurgents and open the gate for Nadine to drive through, you’ll drop down into the jeep. Before you drive off, check behind you on the left side of the door (on the right side from the outside) for the flask.

Chapter 4 treasure locations

There are 19 treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 4, “The Western Ghats.”

This chapter (and area) are different than the others — it’s unstructured and you can do it in any order. And it’s a big, wide-open area, so it’s really hard to describe where things are. Happily, this is also the only chapter where you get a map.

Chapter 4 “The Western Ghats” treasure locations

Use the map above to find the approximate locations of the treasures, then use the numbered gallery below to orient yourself.

  1. Medieval Indian Lock and Key.
  2. Rosewood Spice Box.
  3. Serpents and Ladders Game.
  4. Ancient Stone Jar.
  5. Trinket Box.
  6. Ivory Casket.
  7. Stag Horn Box.
  8. Jade Archer’s Ring.
  9. Metal Tiger Claws.
  10. Silver Goblet.
  11. Hoysala Kukri.
  12. Inscribed Copper Plate.
  13. Hoysala Coin.
  14. Jade Pendant.
  15. Nagfani Horn.
  16. Engraved Gourd Jar.
  17. Butterfly Trinket.
  18. Leather Covered Binoculars.
  19. Miniature Bronze Cannon.

Chapter 5 treasure locations

There are six treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 5, “The Great Battle.”

Padouk Tea Caddie

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

The first treasure is right at the beginning of the chapter. When Nadine discovers the stairs down (or what’s left of them) and you drop down to join her, turn to the left. Head to the end of the ledge to find the tea caddie.

Engraved Ewer

Right after you pick up the caddie, you’ll swing across to a tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel, climb up the wall on the right. At the top drop down onto the roof of the tunnel you just came through. The treasure is at the feet of the statue carved into the wall.

Bidri Hookah Bowl

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

Much later, after you climb through the crown, you’ll lower yourself into a large room with giant statues of Parashurama and Ganesh. When you drop to the floor, there’s an elephant statue near the stairs. The hookah bowl is right behind it.

Gold Cased Ivory Dentures

Naughty Dog/Sony

You’ll exit the room with the giant statues through a tunnel full of skeletons. When you exit, the dentures are in a pile of bones on your left.

Palm Leaf Manuscript

Naughty Dog/Sony

A couple of rooms later, you’ll discover the room where the warriors made their final stand. The manuscript is in the far left corner.

Khanjarli Curved Dagger

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

Toward the end of your flight from the APC, you and Nadine will crash your way through a door (and then the floor). When you stand up, turn to the right. The dagger is in the back right corner.

Chapter 6 treasure locations

There are five treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 6, “The Gatekeeper.”

10th Century Oil Bottle

Naughty Dog/Sony

When you finally get inside the statue/temple of Nandi and head down the stairs, you’ll follow a hallway through a couple of twists and turns. Watch for a pile of stuff on your right — the black and white vase is easily noticeable. The bottle is in with the rest of the objects.

Aged Silver Anklet

Naughty Dog/Sony

After you crawl through the tunnel to get out of Nandi and start climbing the stairs, watch for a clearing on the left. (If you see an elephant, you’ve gone too far.) The anklet is right there on the ground.

Ceremonial Sugar Hammer

Naughty Dog/Sony

In the pool where you witness the elephant reunion, head to the right. The hammer is in the altar just past the statue of Sala battling the tiger.

Raja Raja Gold Kahavanu

Naughty Dog/Sony

Shortly after the elephant reunion, and after a bunch of climbing, you’ll make your way through a tunnel. The treasure is right on the floor of the tunnel on your right.

Agate Gemstone Box

Naughty Dog/Sony

As soon as you crawl out of the tunnel, swing straight across the room. The box is on the ledge ahead of you.

Chapter 7 treasure locations

There are 16 treasures in this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 7, “The Lost Legacy.”

This chapter isn’t open for exploration like Chapter 4, so all of the treasures are along the set path.

Lakshmi Marriage Ornament

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

After the big fight with the insurgents, you’ll go back outside. After some dangerous jumping, you’ll have to walk through a hallway behind two waterfalls. There’s a small alcove you can get to from the base of the second waterfall (after the hallway — you have to backtrack a little). The ornament is on the pile of rocks.

Hanuman Brass Bell

Naughty Dog/Sony

At the top of your long and dangerous climb, you’ll find a lot of stairs that lead up to the entrance to Belur. The bell is right behind the statue of Lord Shiva.

Enameled Betel Box

Naughty Dog/Sony

The first room you drop into the inside of is the well room. It’s between the tree in the half wall in the shallow water. The box is really easy to miss, but don’t swim down into the tunnel until you find it, because you can’t come back.

Jeweled Pipe Mouthpiece

Naughty Dog/Sony

When you surface in the cenote room, turn to the left. The mouthpiece is underwater in a narrow crevice against the wall.

Handcarved Sheesham Breadbox

Naughty Dog/Sony

The next two treasures are both in the library — the next room you enter after the cenote. The breadbox is in the first alcove on the left when you enter.

Silver Comb Perfume Flask

Naughty Dog/Sony

The flask is really easy to miss. It’s on the far side of the room, on the floor at the base of the shelves.

Bronze Deccan Incense Burner

Naughty Dog/Sony

The next room you enter has a deep pool of water you jump down into. When you hit the water, turn around and swim back under where you jumped from. Stick to the left side of the room (that is left based on the way you were facing when you entered). The incense burner is underwater, so it’s a little tough to find. Look for some ferns hanging over the water.

Satavahana Hourglass

Naughty Dog/Sony

From the room with the deep pool, you’ll have to move a root to swim through a tunnel. When you surface on the other side, climb out into the natural alcove on your right to find the hourglass.

Chalukya Griffin Candlestick

Naughty Dog/Sony

After some climbing, you’ll find your way to the top of the waterfall that feeds the deep pool. You’ll find the candlestick in the back left corner of the room with the statue and all the pillars.

Bronze Medallion Flask

Naughty Dog/Sony

When you first enter the throne room, turn to the left. The flask is in on the left side of the room in some deep water, behind a couple of rocks that are sticking out of the water.

Bichwa Dagger

Naughty Dog/Sony

The dagger is in the center of the throne room, right ahead of you when you first enter. It’s right at the base of the giant statue of Lord Shiva, below the carving of Nandi.

Jadeite Bottle

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

The bottle is in the far right corner of the room, to the right of the statue. Head over to the alcove in the back right of the room, and you’ll find the bottle in the far left corner.

Harappan Ivory Dice

Naughty Dog/Sony

You’ll climb up off the floor of the throne room to turn the first wheel. When you finish climbing up the first pillar, instead of turning to the left to continue up the stairs, climb the wall ahead of you. At the top, you’ll find a little platform where you’ll pick up the dice.

Ivory Chess Pieces

Naughty Dog/Sony

When you jump off of Lord Shiva’s upper right hand, you’ll land on the roof of a room. Hang off the edge of the roof and enter the room to find the chess pieces.

Gold Chola Earrings

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

Before you turn the second wheel — the one that moves Lord Shiva’s upper right arm — walk past it and climb the wall. This is the same way you have to go to get to the trishula when it’s raised. Instead of turning around and jumping to the trishula, head to the far end of the platform and look on the right to pick up the earrings.

Bridal Maang Tikka

Naughty Dog/Sony

After you start the water over Lord Shiva’s right shoulder, you’ll swing across to his left knee, then drop down to meet Nadine. Before you start making your way up to the next wheel, drop down another level. Hang off the edge of the platform and climb across to the right. Climb up at the far end to get to the top of the broken staircase. The treasure is on the pillar right ahead of you.

Chapter 8 treasure locations

There are eight treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 8, “Partners.”

Jeweled Snuff Bottle

Naughty Dog/Sony

As soon as you get out of the jeep and start climbing down, turn to the left and make your way to the far left end of the ledge. Hang off the edge, and continue a little further over to find the bottle.

Brass Ewer

Naughty Dog/Sony

As you’re making your way across the cliff face, you’ll see a helicopter passing overhead. To your right, you’ll see a small waterfall. The ewer is underwater at the base of that waterfall.

Mamluk Brass Bowl

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

At the very next waterfall, instead of jumping across the muddy slide, jump back to the left — back the way you came. Climb up the ledges and rocks you find there, then drop onto the ledge on the far side to find the bowl.

Crescent Flask

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

On the other side of another root wall, you’ll miss a jump and slide off the cliff. The swing you make to rescue yourself will bring you to a fenced-in area. Head to the far side of the area, and look behind some rocks to find the flask.

Soapstone Jewelry Box

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

After you give your rope to Sam — when he climbs and leaves it for you — head to the end of the ledge, away from Sam and Nadine. Hang off the end of the ledge and climb to the left, then up. You’ll find the box at the top of your climb.

Peacock Nut Cutter

Naughty Dog/Sony

After your big fight with the insurgents and your very fun sliding adventure, you’ll land on a stone pillar. While Sam and Nadine are looking for a way to retrieve you, climb up the rock face behind you and use the ledges to get over to the treasure.

British Powder Flask

Naughty Dog/Sony

A little while later, Sam will push a crate off a ledge for you to climb up. After he helps you up, go into the tunnel behind him and head to the left. At the very end of the tunnel, overlooking the room you and Nadine were trapped in, you’ll find the powder flask at your feet on the right.

Strange Skull

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

Before you take the final swing at the end of the chapter — right when Sam says, “I’m part of the rope club, I’m honored.” — hang off the ledge instead of swinging. Drop down to the ledge below. Climb up and retrieve the skull from the bushes at the far end.

Chapter 9 treasure locations

There are three treasures in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 9, “End of the Line.”

United India Company Pistol

Naughty Dog/Sony

The first treasure of this chapter is right above you when you jump onto the train. Climb up onto the roof, and run to the very back off of the train to find the pistol.

Viceroy’s Penbox

Naughty Dog/Sony
Naughty Dog/Sony

Three cars ahead of the caboose, you’ll find a car covered with blue tarps. You’ll have to inch around the outside on ledges. On the right side of the train, use the ledge to make your way to the front of the car. The penbox is at the very front of the train.

United India Company Coins

Naughty Dog/Sony

A lot of fighting (and a lot of train cars) later, there’s a big gun and an explosion that removes the back of the train. This kind of resets the caboose. When you jump back to the train, the next treasure is three cars ahead of you. It’s another blue tarped car with ledges on the side. Climb along the lefthand ledge. The coins are about halfway up the length of the car.

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