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Vampire Survivors guide: Weapon evolutions chart

Here’s a complete list of weapons and their evolve items

Vampire Survivors guide: Combinations and evolution chart Image: Poncle via Polygon

In Vampire Survivors, you can collect a variety of weapons and upgrades to help fight the armies of the damned and survive those titular vampires. But to really reach the heights of power, you’ll need to evolve your weapons by combining them with an item (in most cases, at least).

In this Vampire Survivors evolution chart for weapons, we’ll show you all the game’s different weapons, answer whether they have an evolved form or not, and explain how to evolve them.

How Vampire Survivors combinations work

Each time you level up in Vampire Survivors, you’ll be able to select a random weapon or upgrade item to add to your character. Each run, you can accumulate up to six weapons and six upgrade items.

By choosing the same weapon or item the next time you level up, you can upgrade them to a higher level, altering their functionality or increasing their stats. Each weapon can be upgraded eight times, and items can be upgraded five times.

Weapons and items (mostly) have different strengths, so you want to mix and match various effects to make powerful builds. However, some weapons can actually pair up with a specific item, transforming and evolving the weapon into a much better version of itself.

Just having the weapon and its corresponding item isn’t enough to make them evolve, though — there are some other things to do first:

  • Upgrade the weapon you want to evolve to level eight
  • Pick up its paired combination item, either on the map or via level ups (you don’t need to upgrade the item at all)
  • Pick up a chest — which drops from boss enemies — while carrying a level eight weapon and its combination item.

Note that chests usually won’t drop evolved weapons until after you’ve survived for 10 minutes, even if you meet all the other requirements. It’s also worth noting that if you have multiple items ready to evolve, the next chest you pick up will randomly select which of your ready-to-evolve items you receive.

Vampire Survivors evolution chart

Below is our weapon evolution and upgrade chart, updated for patch 0.7.36. There are a few weapons items on this list that you aren’t able to evolve yet. They’ll likely receive evolved forms in a future patch.

Vampire Survivors weapons and upgrades

Weapon Item Upgraded Weapon Effect
Weapon Item Upgraded Weapon Effect
Whip Hollow Heart Bloody Tear Can deal critical damage and absorb HP
Magic Wand Empty Tome Holy Wand Fires with no delay
Knife Bracer Thousand Edge Fires with no delay
Axe Candelabrador Death Spiral Passes through enemies
Cross Clover Heaven Sword Can deal critical damage
King Bible Spellbinder Unholy Vespers Never ends
Fire Wand Spinach Hellfire Passes through enemies
Garlic Pummarola Soul Eater Steals hearts. Power increases when recovering HP
Santa Water Attractorb La Borra Damaging zones follow you and grow when they move
Runetracer Armor NO FUTURE Explodes when bouncing and in retaliation
Lightning Ring Duplicator Thunder Loop Projectiles strike twice
Pentagram Crown Gorgeous Moon Generates extra gems and gathers all of them
Peachone + Ebony Wings N/A Vandalier Fires a more powerful beam
Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight The Sparrow Tiragisu Phieraggi Scales with Revivals
Gatti Amari Stone Mask Vicious Hunger Might turn anything into gold
Song of Mana Skull O'Maniac Mannajja Might slow enemies down
Shadow Pinion Wings Valkyrie Turner Turns the spikes into flames. Bigger, longer, faster, stronger
Clock Lancet Gold Ring + Silver Ring Infinite Corridor Halves enemies health
Laurel Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right Crimson Shroud Caps incoming damage and retaliates on hit
Vento Sacro + Bloody Tear N/A Fuwalafuwaloo Creates explosions on critical hits
Bone N/A N/A N/A
Cherry Bomb N/A N/A N/A
Carrello N/A N/A N/A
Celestial Dusting N/A N/A N/A
La Robba N/A N/A N/A