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Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West posing for the camera in photo mode

Horizon Forbidden West walkthroughs, guides, and tips

Aloy’s campaign, collectibles, and our best tips and tricks

Horizon Forbidden West arrives on PS4 and PS5, crossing console generations and following Aloy and friends as they save the world (more or less).

Polygon’s Horizon Forbidden West guides and walkthroughs are the kind of things that we wish we had when we started playing the enormous open-world game. Follow along with us, and know where to go (and when go there), and what to pick up along the way.

If you’re like us (and we like to think you are), then you’ll be looking for collectibles, where to go next, and how to find the things that are just out of reach. Polygon’s Horizon Forbidden West guides are here to help you along every step of Aloy’s journey.

Getting started

Whether you’re a Horizon Zero Dawn veteran or a newcomer, our Horizon Forbidden West beginner’s guide is full of helpful tips about everything from upgrading weapons to exploration to advice about upgrading (and not upgrading) weapons.

Horizon Forbidden West collectibles

Horizon Forbidden West is full of collectibles, just like any open-world game worth its salt. Our guides — complete with detailed maps — will help you find every black box, signal tower, survey drone, tallneck, vista point, and war totem in the game.