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Lost Ark guide: Dalian Orchard secret area location

Where do you find the Dalian Orchard secret?

A Lost Ark character stands in front of a shack in the Dalian Orchard Image: Smilegate/Amazon Game Studios via Polygon
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As you complete the story in Lost Ark, you may run into a quest item that once you use, activates the quest “Dalian Orchard’s Secret.” The quest doesn’t really tell you where to go, outside of heading to Flowering Orchard in East Luterra. Our Lost Ark Dalian Orchard secret guide maps out where to complete this quest.

Where to find the Dalian Orchard secret area

You’ll want to head northeast of the Sien Inn Triport in Flowering Orchard. From there, you’ll find a little area with a shed that you can enter. We’ve marked the area below.

A map showing where to find a special shed, the Dalian Orchard secret Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Smilegate/Amazon Game Studios

Once you enter the marked orange zone at the door of the shed, you can enter and talk to the NPC to complete the quest. You can claim the reward by hitting the button above your quest list on the right side.

This quest is completely optional, so you can abandon it and focus on the main story instead if you want.

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