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Kirby looks over a vast city with greenery grown over everything

Kirby and the Forgotten Land guides

How to navigate this big land, find Waddle Dees, and search for secrets

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the new Nintendo Switch title staring the beloved hungry pink puff ball. Kirby is thrown into a mysterious post-apocalyptic world and his Waddle Dee friends are being taken away by an unknown ruler. He’ll have to fight his way through the 3D levels and save his friends, all while figuring out what’s going on.

Finding hidden Waddle Dees

The game is filled with secret paths, puzzles, and challenges that reward you with hidden Waddle Dees. Each level has its own set of missions that also reward Waddle Dees if you complete them. We list out both the locations of the ’Dees and the missions, so you won’t jump into the levels unprepared.

Upgrading your abilities

We also have guided out where to find the blueprints to upgrade Kirby’s copy abilities. While each boss can be taken down with plain ol’ Kirby, upgrading abilities is a must, especially if you want to complete all the missions.

Still have questions about the new game? Start with our Kirby and the Forgotten Land beginner’s guide.