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Tunic Ability Cards guide

Picking your powerful passives, finding all 16 Ability Cards in Tunic

An Ability Card in Tunic Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

The world of Tunic is filled with many secrets. Along the way, you’ll be able to acquire powerful passive abilities that can help you survive your journey. In our Tunic Ability Cards guide, we’ll help you obtain every Ability Card in the game, including The Bone Ability Card.

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How to find and equip Ability Cards in Tunic

The 16 Ability Cards in Tunic are found inside specific treasure chests. Once you’ve acquired one, you can open your inventory by pressing LB. Click on the card icon, and select a perk that you want to remain active.

As for the Tunic Ability Card locations outlined below, we’ve enumerated them based on how soon you’ll be able to pick them up in the game.

Ability Card #1: Fire Sword

Effect: Your Sword will set enemies on fire but you’ll be reduced to 1 HP

Location: Overworld

From the starting point, make your way to the cave where you found the Wooden Stick. Head to the right, and you’ll notice that this section is blocked by square grass foliage. As such, you’ll need to obtain the sword first. You can refer to our East Forest walkthrough for more info.

Once you have the sword, cut down the grass and keep going to the right. You should see a doorway with a puzzle code. Stand in front of the doorway, and press the following on the D-pad: down, left, up, right, up, left. This will reveal a chest with the Fire Sword Ability Card in Tunic.

Ability Card #2: Lucky Cup

Effect: Defeated enemies have a chance to drop hearts

Location: Overworld

From the central Fox Shrine, make your way left and down the steps until you see a Golden Square Teleporter. Continue to the bottom of the steps, and turn left. You’ll find a chest next to a waterfall.

Ability Card #3: Inverted Ash

Effect: HP potions become MP potions

Location: Overworld

From the Golden Square Teleporter to the left of the central Fox Shrine, go left and up the steps. There’s a hidden path here on the left side of the cliff. Past that is a knight mob that will try to skewer you. You can either dodge-roll or run past it as it’s doing its attack animation. You might get hit, but you should still be able to reach the chest at the back.

Ability Card #4: Aura’s Gem

Effect: Increases your parry timing window

Location: The Quarry

Tunic Ability Card #4: Aura’s Gem Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

To be clear, The Quarry can be considered a late-game area. However, it’s possible to go here early on by climbing up the ladders from where you picked up the Inverted Ash Ability Card.

If you’re going here early in Tunic, and then it can be fairly challenging since you won’t be able to activate the Fox Shrine. However, much later, you’ll have the Magic Orb gadget that will let you pray at the Obelisk to light it up.

Tunic ability cards guide - 4b aura’s gem Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

In any case, try to avoid going near broken obelisks or dark pools, as these will drain your HP until only a sliver is left — one more hit, and you’ll die outright. Likewise, try to get past all the mobs, especially the snipers and claymore wielders, since they hit hard.

Tunic ability cards guide - 4b aura’s gem Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

As for the Aura’s Gem Ability Card in Tunic, go north and then east until you see a staircase. Climb the ladder to where a sniper is perched and open the chest for your loot.

Ability Card #5: Scavenger’s Mask

Effect: Prevents your health from getting drained by the purple corruption

Location: The Quarry

Tunic ability cards guide - 5a scavenger’s mask Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

Check below the spot where you found the Aura’s Gem Ability Card. You should see a staircase leading down. Follow the path to the left until you see another staircase.

Go to the top, and you’ll find a Fox Shrine that’s inaccessible. (You won’t be able to tag this until you have the Dash ability.)

Tunic ability cards guide - 5b scavenger’s mask Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

Still, you’ll be able to enter the Monastery behind it. Climb the ladder, and avoid the mobs and pools until you reach the end of the hallway. Pull the lever to open the gate and reach the room beyond.

Tunic ability cards guide - 5c scavenger’s mask Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

The chest here has the Scavenger’s Mask, which is one of the most useful Ability Cards in Tunic. While equipped, you’ll no longer be affected by the HP drain mechanic in The Quarry, allowing you to progress further in the campaign.

Ability Card #6: Louder Echo

Effect: Retrieving your Echo (ghost) causes a stronger knockback effect

Location: Under The Well

Tunic louder echo ability card Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

Continue exploring the area until you reach the dark hallway with the purple light on the floor. Follow this to the bottom left to find a well-hidden nook.

Ability Card #7: Orange Peril Ring

Effect: Raises attack when you’re low on health

Location: Dark Tomb

Tunic’s orange peril ring ability card Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

Ideally, you’ll go here once you’ve checked the Under The Well dungeon to grab the Lantern. Once inside the Dark Tomb, interact with the two skulls in the chamber. This will cause the pillar to move, allowing you to open the chest by going up the steps.

Ability Card #8: Cyan Peril Ring

Effect: Raises defense when you’re low on health

Location: West Garden

When you reach the West Garden, you’ll see a doorway with a puzzle code. There’s a hidden pathway to the right that lets you loop back to the corner of this level. The chest here contains the ring.

Ability Card #9: Muffling Bell

Effect: Decreases enemy detection range

Location: Beneath the Forest Fortress

To reach the Forest Fortress, go back to the central Fox Shrine, and look for the steps near the lever. There are several bird mobs near the lake. It’s possible to go behind the structure and cross the lake, allowing you to head further east.

Once you’re in the next area, activate the Obelisk to light up the floor. Follow it until you’re at the top left section, where you can activate another Obelisk. The doorway here leads to a vendor, but the ladder will take you to the Beneath the Forest Fortress dungeon.

Down below, destroy the crates to reveal a passageway. Go through the next tunnel past the mobs until you see another path.

This will take you to a cavernous area with a pool of water. Eliminate the Giant Spider and check under the waterfall to find this chest.

Ability Card #10: Anklet

Effect: Increases your movement speed

Location: Forest Fortress

By clearing the underground dungeon, you’ll be able to make your way back up top to the Forest Fortress. Go to the right side of the screen to see a Hero’s Grave. Check the left side for a nook that has this chest.

Ability Card #11: The Bone

Effect: Increases your invincibility time when you dodge (i.e., iframes)

Location: Ruined Atoll

The easiest way to reach the Ruined Atoll, assuming you’re at the Forest Fortress, is by using a teleporter. There’s one at the Fox Shrine just before the Siege Engine boss. Once you’re at the Teleporter Realm, use the plate in the bottom left to fast travel to the Ruined Atoll.

From there, take a good look at the lay of the land because you can pick up four Tunic Ability Cards in this zone.

You can find the first one, The Bone, by going through a hidden passageway at the bottom of the steps. Loop around the shoreline until you’re between the ledge and the knight mob. Throw a stick of dynamite at this wall to uncover a chest.

Ability Card #12: Tincture

Effect: Increases your attack but lowers your defense

Location: Ruined Atoll

Tunic’s tincture ability cards Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

This is right next to the spot where you found The Bone Ability Card. Simply dodge-roll or run past the Knight to grab this chest.

Ability Card #13: Bracer

Effect: Reduces the stamina cost of blocking

Location: Ruined Atoll

From the Fox Shrine at the Ruined Atoll, go north to the next screen, and climb down the ladder. Once you’re at the sandy shore, make your way south and follow the path to the chest.

Ability Card #14: Magic Echo

Effect: Retrieving your Echo restores some MP

Location: From the Fox Shrine at the Ruined Atoll, go further onward until you see an area surrounded by statues. Keep heading down across the water, and then to the right. There’s a building here with a chest at the top.

Ability Card #15: Dagger Strap

Effect: Reduces the cast time of your Magic Dagger weapon

Location: The Swamp

You can only reach The Swamp after collecting all three keys and using them at the Sealed Temple. This lets you challenge The Heir by using the central teleporter in the astral realm. However, since you can’t beat The Heir at this stage, your character will die and respawn as a ghost.

While you’re a ghost, you’ll be able to head to The Swamp, which is past the spot where you found Ability Card #1: Fire Sword.

In this zone, follow the purple light going east until you see the Fox Shrine. Then, without passing through the gate, head to the bottom right corner of the screen to get the chest.

Ability Card #16: Perfume

Effect: Increases your stamina recovery

Location: The Swamp

Standing in front of the chest in Tunic that holds the Perfume ability card. Image: Tunic Team/Finji via Polygon

The 16th and final Ability Card in Tunic is also in The Swamp. Simply go back to the Fox Shrine, pass through the gate, and climb the nearby ladder to reach this chest.

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