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How to unlock cosmetics in Nintendo Switch Sports

Play globally to unlock more fashion choices for your character

Two players battle with foam swords in chambara, in a screenshot from Nintendo Switch Sports Image: Nintendo
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can customize your characters much more beyond the old-school Miis. You can give them unique hairstyles, accessories, and outfits — but you have to unlock them first. Our Nintendo Switch Sports guide explains how to unlock cosmetics quickly.

You can only unlock cosmetics in the “Play Globally” mode. Even if you don’t have Nintendo Switch Online, you can play in this mode, but you’ll only be matched up against bots.

Earning points in Nintendo Switch Sports

Every time you play a match, you’ll earn 30-40 points, with different multipliers added depending on various achievements you complete while you play. For example, bowling a strike will net you additional multipliers. Playing well and getting several multipliers can net you over 100 points in one game.

The best way to earn points is through bowling, as it gives a base 40 points per playthrough, and it’s the easiest to earn multipliers in. You can get around ~130 points if you make it to the final round of bowling.

How to unlock cosmetics with points

At 100 points, you’ll get a random reward, but you’re able to pick from the available styles to decide which set you want your reward from.

If you collect all the items in one set, you’ll get a completion bonus, which is a special outfit that matches the theme.

Cosmetics cycle in and out as sets. Currently, players have until May 10 to collect items from the Simple Collection and until May 18 to collect items from the Cute Collection. You can see the items in the current collections below. As of right now, only Nintendo Switch Online users can grab things from the Simple Collection.

A Simple Collection screen in Nintendo Switch Sports, showing 12 items you can randomly obtain Image: Nintendo via Polygon
The Cute Collection, a set of 12 pink and neon items you can get in Nintendo Switch Sports Image: Nintendo via Polygon