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Vampire Survivors guide: How to unlock coffin characters

How to unlock new characters in each of the main maps

A hero fights off hordes of monsters in Vampire Survivors Image: Poncle
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Vampire Survivors is filled with various characters that you can control on your mission to ... survive some vampires. But some of these characters — in classic vampire fashion — are locked inside coffins. If you want to recruit them, you’ll need to find and rescue them.

In this Vampire Survivors guide, we’ll explain how to find the four coffins as of Vampire Survivors patch 0.5.2 and how to unlock the characters trapped within.

Unlocking the map

The easiest way to find the coffins in the various Vampire Survivors locations is to unlock the game’s map, which you’ll then be able to access by pausing the game.

To unlock the map, you’ll need to first unlock the Dairy Plant location — which in turn requires you to reach character level 20 in the Mad Forest and then level 40 in the Inlaid Library. Once you’ve unlocked it, pick a character and hop into the Dairy Plant map.

When your run starts, you’ll see a big, green arrow on your screen. Follow it and you’ll eventually find the Milky Way Map, which will unlock the in-game map.

Finding and unlocking the coffins

Choose a map, start a run, and immediately pause the game. With your new unlock, you’ll be able to see a map of the area. Look for the “?” on the map and then hit the “show guides” button in the bottom right corner. This will permanently place arrows leading you to map items on your screen while you play.

Follow the arrows and the pause map to the question mark — some of these coffins are quite far away from where you start, so you may need to walk for a while. When you reach the coffin, a group of enemies will spawn around it. Defeat them and then walk over the top of the coffin (this can be a little buggy in our experience, so if you’re sure all the enemies are dead and it’s not opening, try walking into it from different angles).

Once you walk over the coffin lid, a message box will pop up and show you your new character. Now you can either finish your run or quit out. Like with all characters, you’ll still need to buy these coffin characters with gold before you can play as them.

Here’s the complete list of Vampire Survivors coffin characters and where to find them as of patch 0.5.2:

  • Mad Forest: Pugnala
  • Inlaid Library: Giovanna
  • Dairy Plant: Poppea
  • Gallo Tower: Concetta

While most of the coffins are easy to find, Concetta’s in Gallo Tower is hidden. Check out our Concetta guide if you need help finding it.

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