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All Arcanas chart and Randomazzo location in Vampire Survivors

Here’s the full list of Arcanas and all their effects

The Randomazzo Arcanas selection page at the start of a Vampire Survivors run Image: Poncle via Polygon
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Vampire Survivors is a relatively simple game at the outset, but as you play you’ll unlock some powerful bonuses and create some incredible weapons to help you survive those vampires. Arcanas are one of the game’s newest additions, and they can give you massive power boosts if you use them correctly.

In this guide, we’ll break down all of the Arcanas currently in the game and how you can unlock the system for permanent use.

How to unlock Arcanas

To unlock Arcanas, you’ll need to find the Randomazzo item in Gallo Tower. Like many of the other specialty, one-time-pickup items in Vampire Survivors, the Randomazzo is hard to miss. Load into Gallo Tower — the fourth map you’ll unlock in Vampire Survivors — and look for a green arrow on your screen.

Follow the arrow and you’ll eventually come across the Randomazzo. You’ll need to defeat the enemies surrounding it first, but then you can walk over it and pick it up. Once you have the Randomazzo you can either finish our quit out of your run — you’ll keep the item either way.

You’ll unlock your first Arcana — VI, Sarabande of Healing — for picking up the Randomazzo.

All Vampire Survivors Arcanas

You’ll select up to three Arcanas over the course of each Vampire Survivors’ run. You can choose the first one from your entire catalog of unlocked Arcanas. The other two Arcanas will come from chests later in the run. The chest Arcanas will only give you a small handful of upgrades to choose from, so you won’t be able to get every effect you want without a little luck.

Below is our Arcanas chart, updated for patch 0.5.2. There are currently only 10 Arcanas available to earn in Vampire Survivors, but the in-game menu has room for at least 22.

Vampire Survivors Arcanas

Name Numeral Effect Unlock method Affected items
Name Numeral Effect Unlock method Affected items
Awake IV Gives +3 Revivals. Consuming a Revival gives +10% max health, +1 armor, and +5 % might, area, duration, and speed Reach level 99 with Krochi Tiragisu
Chaos in the Dark Night V Overall projectile speed continuously changes between -50% and +200% over 10 seconds Reach level 99 with Giovanna Bracer
Sarabande of Healing VI Healing is doubled. Recovering HP damages nearby enemies for the same amount Find the Randomazzo Bloody Tear, Soul Eater, Celestial Dusting, Pummarola, food
Iron Blue Will VII Listed weapon projectiles gain up to three bounces and might pass through enemies and walls Reach level 99 with Gennaro Knife, Thousand Edge, Axe, Death Spiral, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, Carrello
Waltz of Pearls XI Listed weapon projectiles gain up to three bounces Reach level 99 with Imelda Magic Wand, Holy Wand, Fire Wand, Hellfire, Cross, Heaven Sword, Carrello
Disco of Gold XV Picking up coin bags from the floor triggers Gold Fever. Obtaining gold restores an equal amount of HP Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library Stone Mask, small coin bag, medium coin bag, large coin bag, treasure chest
Slash XVI Enables critical hits for listed weapons. Doubles overall critical damage Reach level 99 with Lama Knife, Thousand Edge, Axe, Death Spiral, Whip, Bloody Tear, Heaven Sword
Lost & Found Painting XVII Overall duration continuously changes between -50% and +200% over 10 seconds Reach level 99 with Poppea Spellbinder
Boogaloo of Illusions XVIII Overall area continuously changes between -25% and +50% over 10 seconds Reach level 99 with Concetta Candelabrador
Heart of Fire XIX Listed weapon projectiles explode on impact. Light sources explode. Character explodes when damaged Reach level 99 with Arca Fire Wand, Hellfire, light sources

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