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Little Witch in the Woods potion and candy recipe list

How to craft everything in one easy place

A book with the recipe for Curse Detection Candy inside Image: Sunny Side Up/SK Telecom via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

In Little Witch in the Woods, you’ll need to make candy and potions to both solve problems and sell for profit. While the recipes for these are listed in game, it can be annoying to swap between the book and the cauldron to reference all these recipes quickly. Our Little Witch in the Woods guide lists out all the potion and candy recipes so you can quickly access them all.

Candy and potion recipes are unlocked in various ways. You can buy some potion recipes from Diane, and a ton of the recipes just unlock through completing the story. Unlike the others, you find the Curse Detection Candy recipe by completing a side quest from Arden, the dragon in the village.

Below, we list out all the recipes. If you don’t have the recipe logged in game, then Ellie will not be able to craft them, even if you use the correct ingredients and settings.

Little Witch in the Woods potion and candy recipe list

Recipe Ingredients Heat Stir
Recipe Ingredients Heat Stir
Weed Terminator Potion Squishychub Fur Extract, Witchflower Extract 4 none
Nutrition Potion Silver Starbell Pollen Extract, Maple Herb Extract, Bush Bug Extract 3 clockwise
Silver Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Silver Starbell Pollen Extract 2 clockwise
Pink Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Maple Herb Extract 2 clockwise
Yellow Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Bush Bug Extract 2 clockwise
Earmuff Potion One Eye Frog Roast, Wetland Grass Water, Blue Moon Butterfly Extract 1 counter-clockwise
Sunlight Potion Witchflower Extract, Maple Herb Extract, Squishychub Fur Extract 5 clockwise
Lunar's Oil Moonflower Water, Phoenix Feather Powder 1 none
Enhance Intellect Potion Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur, Bird Flower Water 3 none
Tears of the Moon Moonflower Water, Sacred Water 2 clockwise
Dream Recollection Potion Blue Moon Butterfly Extract, Dried Pompom Feather 3 counter-clockwise
Firecracker Potion Baked Tinkle Spider, One Eye Frog Roast, Little Mandrake Roast 3 clockwise
Curse-Lifting Candy Squishychub Fur Extract, Maple Herb Extract 3 none
Healing Candy Witchflower Extract, Maple Herb Extract 4 clockwise
Curse Detection Candy Dried Pompom Feather, Baked Tinkle Spider 2 counter-clockwise
Cough Candy Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur, Smile Bubble Extract 2 clockwise
Soft Candy Little Mandrake Roast, Bush Bug Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider 3 counter-clockwise
Back Scratcher Candy Bird Flower Water, One Eye Frog Roast, Bush Bug Extract 4 none