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Friedrich Kummler Sniper Elite 5 kill list challenge

Crush him with one of the Chateau’s chandeliers

Sniper Elite 5 screenshot from high in a ballroom next to a chandelier. A Nazi officer is standing conveniently under the chandelier. Image: Rebellion Developments via Polygon

Sniper Elite 5’s kill list adds an assassination target to each mission. Each prominent Nazi on the kill list has a an additional challenge, like killing them in an explosion or with a chandelier.

In this Sniper Elite 5 Friedrich Kummler kill list guide, we’ll explain how to complete the kill list challenge and take out the antique thief in Mission 2: Occupied Residence.

Crush Kummler with one of the Chateau’s chandeliers

Sniper Elite 5 map showing the location of Friedrich Kummler in the chateau’s ballroom.
The chateau’s ballroom location.
Image: Rebellion Developments via Polygon

Friedrich Kummler does a little wandering over the course of Mission 2: Occupied Residence. As you explore the chateau, you’ll overhear some conversations and find some intel that suggests you’ll find him in the chateau’s ballroom (and that he’s an antiques thief). The ballroom is located in the east wing of the chateau on the ground floor.

Sniper Elite 5 player standing on the ballroom’s balcony next to a panel with a prompt reading “sabotage chandelier.”
Use the panel on the wall to drop the chandelier.
Image: Rebellion Developments via Polygon

When you find the ballroom, head up to the second floor. There’s a balcony overlooking the ballroom below where you can keep tabs on Kummler and his cronies. Conveniently, there’s also a panel to the right where you can sabotage the chandelier and cause it to drop.

If you’re lucky, Kummler will be wandering the room and you’ll only have to wait for him to pass beneath the chandelier — he’ll pause to inspect a case of wine. Drop the chandelier to complete this challenge.

If you’re unlucky, or come late to the party, Kummler will be stubbornly standing off to one side and not under the chandelier (this happened to us a couple of times). When this happens, you’ll have to position him yourself. Knock him out — either by performing a pacify melee attack or by using non-lethal ammo. Carry his unconscious body over to the case of wine, and then head upstairs to drop the chandelier on him — it still counts as a kill, even if he’s unconscious first.

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