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Improve Your Combat Rating In Diablo Immortal

How Combat Rating works and how to improve it

Diablo Immortal cinematic screenshot showing the crusader character standing atop a glowing sigil. Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal, true to its roots, offers an overwhelming amount of crunchy new stats to digest as we slash our way to the evil Skarn! One of those is the Combat Rating, which takes a look at all your gear and abilities and gives you a quick indicator of whether or not you’re ready for the next boss on your list.

Not only that, but as you get further into end-game content, your ability to join raids may be limited by the size of your rating. In this Diablo Immortal guide, we’ll give you a quick explanation of Combat Rating and how to increase it.

Attributes and More Attributes

Diablo Immortal screenshot of the More Attributes menu showing stats including Combat Rating.
You’ll find your Combat Rating in the Attributes menu.
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

First, let’s track down where you can see your Combat Rating. When you’re in-game, open up your gear menu and look for the the small person-shaped icon in the lower left of your screen. That’s the Attributes menu. Tap that once, then tap the More Attributes bar that appears. Your Combat Rating will be right on top of that new list. You can also see your rating in the Codex section of the main in-game menu — look under Conquest and it will be listed under your Primary Attributes.

Number Goes Up

Now, for the simplest way to raise your Combat Rating: get better gear! When you pick up loot and see that green up arrow in your gear menu, it’s pretty obvious what you should do. Equip the gear with the bigger numbers! Also be on the lookout for any gear that has gem sockets — socketing gems, particularly Legendary Gems, will give you much larger boosts along the way.

You’ll also want to upgrade your gear whenever you can. Each time you salvage gear you don’t want, use whatever is left to upgrade your weaponry at the Blacksmith. This will boost various attributes and, in turn, your Combat Rating. It might seem simplistic, but anything that can make your numbers go up will grant you access to more lucrative activities.

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