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Every gift in Neon White: Killer Inside

Unlock new dialogue and side quests

Neon White’s Godspeed level showing white stone architecture in the clouds Image: Angel Matrix/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Every level of Neon White contains multiple gifts. These gifts unlock new dialogue and new side quests — basically additional levels — when you give them to your fellow Neons.

In this Neon White guide, we’ll explain how to get every gift in Killer Inside, the game’s second level.

2 – Killer Inside gift locations

Take Flight

Neon Yellow – Six Pack

Head through the level and past the first balloon demon. Jump the gap to grab the Purify card and handle the yellow demon for an Elevate card. Go up the stairs to get another Elevate. Turn around and face back down the stairs. Elevate jump to the wide roof ahead of you and turn left. Switch to the Purify card (with the LB button) and bomb-jump toward the tower ahead of you. Finish off with the second Elevate card to reach this gift.


Neon Violet – Tattletail Toy

Smash through the first door and cross the indoor bottomless pit with a few Godspeed cards. When you get outside and cross a large gap, you’ll pick up another Godspeed (the fourth one total). When you get that one, turn around. Jump onto the wall on your right and follow it around the courtyard. You’ll jump up past a little park. Continue across the sloped roof to the tower. Hop through the tower and Godspeed across the gap to claim this gift.


Neon Red – Perfume

When the level begins, grab the first Elevate card, skip the enemy in the room on your left, grab the floating Godspeed card, cross the courtyard, and take out the demon at the top of the stairs for one more Godspeed card. This should leave you with two Godspeed and one Elevate. Turn back the way you came and you should see the gift on the far side of the courtyard. Burn the Godspeed cards to cross the courtyard and then the Elevate card to bounce you up next to this level’s gift.


Mikey – Cigars

Head through the level all the way to the end, but don’t burn your last two cards. You should be holding one Godspeed card and one Elevate card. This level’s gift is under the grate next to the second to last waterfall. Facing the exit, step off the bridge to the left between the last two statues. Burn the Elevate and then the Godspeed card to reach the gift.


Neon Yellow – Six Pack

Elevate and Godspeed through the first red door. You’ll come to a chest with another Godspeed card and two demons to your left. Take out the demons with three shots (only) from the Godspeed — one for the yellow demon and two for the blue one. Use the yellow demon’s Elevate card to jump out of the pit — you should have two Godspeed cards now. Turn left, hop onto the railing, and you should see the gift ahead of you. Discard both Godspeed cards to reach it.


Neon Violet – Tattletail Toy

A little way into the level, you’ll come to an open area with a courtyard. Deal with the two yellow demons — one where you land and one up the stairs ahead of you — for two Elevate cards. Before you leave, shoot the vending machine to the left for one more Elevate. Head up the stairs and past the water. Turn left and Elevate up to the arch. Walk forward to the tower and turn right. Jump across to the aqueduct (?) and follow it all the way around to the left. When you’re lined up with the tower on the far side, turn left and face it. Elevate jump yourself twice (and burn a Godspeed if you have to) to reach this gift.


Raz – Lucky Cat Statue

At the start of the level, don’t discard the first Godspeed card you pick up. Instead, use the gun to shoot the blue demon there so that when you reach the balloon demon and red door, you’ll have two Godspeed cards. Bounce off the demon and Godspeed through the door. Immediately burn the second Godspeed to pick up this gift.


Neon Red – Perfume

Navigating this level is about dealing with balloon demons. Just before the third set of them — the one that curves to the right — you’ll see this gift above you. Hit the two balloon demons and immediately bounce to the left. You’ll land on the roof right next to this gift.


Mikey – Cigars

Get through the beginning of the level to the waterway. You’ll have an Elevate card from the tunnel. As soon as you emerge, jump and Elevate to the right to reach the end of the aqueduct. Pick up the Godspeed there and turn right — away from the exit. Head back to the other end of the water and turn right. You’ll be able to jump from there and Godspeed to the gift.


Neon Yellow

You might spot this gift early on — its on a tower far off to the right — but you’ll need to collect some cards before it’s reachable. You’ll need to make your way through most of the level and then backtrack to the start. Use guns as much as possible to fight your way past all the blue demons — you’ll need three Godspeed cards in your hand. Keep going until you reach the yellow demon near the end. Pick up its Elevate card and turn around. When you can’t backtrack any farther, turn left to face the tower. Switch to the Godspeed cards, jump, and burn all three of them as you head toward the tower. Your goal is the doorway below the gift. Land inside, and discard the Elevate card to reach the ledge and stairs. Follow them up for this gift.