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Stray: All safe and door digicodes

How to find all four codes

The cat stares up at a locked door and a keypad in Stray Image: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

Over Stray’s 12 chapters you’ll need to input a hidden digicode four different times. Each time, you’ll be able to find the code hidden in the nearby environment or by solving a small puzzle.

In this Stray guide, we’ll tell you all four of the digicodes hidden in Stray’s world, as well as how to find them for yourself.

Chapter 3 - Unlock the door in The Flat

A cat stands on a blank white table in Stray Image: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

In chapter three you’ll meet B12, the little drone friend who will accompany you through the rest of the game and allow you to interact with objects. But in order to escape The Flat chapter with your new friend, you’ll need to punch in a code and unlock a door.

Because this chapter is still part of the tutorial, the code is easy to find. Jump up on the white table next to the whiteboard and use your body to knock everything off the shelf. This should give you a clear shot at the code you’ll need for the upcoming door: 3748.

Chapter 4 - Unlock the safe in The Slums

A cat looks at a neon sign that says “Duffer Bar” in Stray Image: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

The safe in chapter four — The Slums — is the first tricky code in the game, but you’ll need to open it if you want to grab the final Sheet Music collectible. You’ll find the safe to the left of the Guardian in The Slums, hidden in a small alley.

If you want to hunt for the code yourself, check out our guide on how to find it.

If you just want to punch in the digicode and get the treasure, use: 1283.

Note: While you can first access this safe in chapter four, you can also unlock it anytime in chapter six and at the very end of chapter seven.

Chapter 6 - Solve the time puzzle to open the door in The Slums

A cat stands on a couch looking at four clocks in Stray Image: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

This is the trickiest non-optional digicode in Stray. In chapter six, after you’ve met Seamus and shown him Doc’s Notebook, he’ll mention a secret room that he doesn’t know how to get into. Jump on the table in the corner and start knocking objects off the wall. You’ll find a keypad next to a blank wall (the hidden door), as well as a hint that says “time will tell.”

Look above the couch where Seamus usually sits and you’ll see four different clocks. Look at the hour hands on each clock from left to right and you’ll find the code: 2511.

Punch the digicode into the keypad on the wall, and the wall will slide open.

Chapter 10 - Find and open the Midtown safe

A cat looks at a backward code in Stray Image: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive via Polygon

The final safe and digicode in Stray is in the Midtown chapter. Once you walk up the stairs into the city, look to your right. You’ll find a building where one robot is talking to another robot through what looks like a take-out window. Jump into the building and go to the back.

Have B12 translate the poster on the wall and you’ll get what looks like a jumble of letters. However, if you reverse this message — as if you were looking in a mirror — it says “Code: 8542.” In the same building, jump onto the shelves until you reach the safe in the corner. Punch 8542 into the keypad to get the Cat Badge.

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