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Stray: List of Trophies and hidden Trophy descriptions

Stray’s 25 trophies are all reasonably easy to earn

A cat walks the wet, neon-lit streets of a walled cybercity in Stray. Image: BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive

Stray has a small collection of Trophies to match its short runtime.

Nearly half of the 25 Trophies are either automatically earned by completing story objectives or tied to a situation that’s meant to be surprising. The other Trophies are all task-based, such as asking you to Meow 100 times, die a bunch, or complete side quests. All of Stray’s trophies — even the hidden ones — seem relatively easy to earn and won’t require a lot of grinding.

In this Stray guide, we’ve listed out all 25 Trophies to help you hunt for the Platinum.


  • All Done - Unlock all trophies
  • A Little Chatty - Meow 100 times
  • Cat-a-Pult - Jump 500 times
  • Productive Day - Sleep for more than one hour
  • Boom Chat Kalaka - Dunk the basketball
  • No More Lives - Die nine times
  • I am Speed - Complete the game in less than two hours
  • Meowlody - Bring all the Music Sheets to Morusque
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat - Wear the paper bag
  • Cat-a-strophe - Try to play mahjong with the robots
  • Cat’s best friend - Nuzzle up against five robots
  • Télé à chat - Browse through all of the TV channels
  • Badges - Collect all badges
  • Territory - Scratch in every chapter


[Warning: Some of the trophies below contain story spoilers for Stray]

  • Can’t Cat-ch Me - Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught
  • Sneakitty - Go through Midtown without being detected by Sentinels
  • Scratch - Scratch the vinyl in the club
  • Pacifist - Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks
  • Missed Jump - Fall inside the city
  • Not Alone - Meet B-12
  • Cat Got Your Tongue - Have B-12 translate a robot
  • Catwalk - Reach Midtown
  • Al-Cat-Raz - Go to jail
  • Eye Opener - Complete the game and open the city
  • I Remember - Gather all of B-12’s Memories

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