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All the characters in MultiVersus, and what their classes mean

Characters from DC, Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Game of Thrones, and the NBA

Bugs Bunny and Finn duke it out in MultiVersus Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus is a character brawler in the same vein as the Super Smash Bros. series, but it trades out Nintendo characters from those in the sprawling Warner Bros. universe. You can play as a variety of cartoons, characters from epic fantasy dramas, comic book heroes, and at least one NBA All-Star.

In this guide, we’ve listed out all of the currently available MultiVersus characters, what franchises they’re from, and what their in-game class is.

Full character list

As of the launch of season 1, there are 17 different characters you can brawl with in MultiVersus. But, being a free-to-play game, you won’t have access to each of these characters when you first start playing.

You’ll unlock Wonder Woman for free, just by completing the initial tutorial. Additionally, the game offers four characters in its free-to-play rotation every two weeks. If you want to play other characters in real matches (you can test out anyone in the “Lab” training arena), you’ll need to buy them with the earnable in-game currency, Gold, or the premium currency, Gleamium.

All characters cost 700 Gleamium (about $7) or a variable Gold price based on their difficulty level.

All current MultiVersus characters

Characters Classes Types Origins
Characters Classes Types Origins
Shaggy Bruiser Hybrid Scooby-Doo
Wonder Woman Tank Horizontal DC
Batman Bruiser Vertical DC
Superman Tank Hybrid DC
Taz Bruiser Horizontal Looney Toons
Iron Giant Tank Hybrid The Iron Giant
Garnet Bruiser Horizontal Steven Universe
Steven Universe Support Horizontal Steven Universe
Jake Bruiser Hybrid Adventure Time
Reindog Support Horizontal Original Character
Finn Assassin Horizontal Adventure Time
Velma Support Horizontal Scooby-Doo
Arya Stark Assassin Hybrid Game of Thrones
Bugs Bunny Mage Hybrid Looney Toons
Harley Quinn Assassin Vertical DC
Tom & Jerry Mage Hybrid Tom & Jerry
LeBron James Bruiser Hybrid Space Jam: A New Legacy

What are the classes and types?

Batman, Harley Quinn, Arya Stark, and Jake brawl in MultiVersus Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Games

Player First Games has assigned a class and type for each of its character. This is to help you recognize each fighter’s strengths before you even jump into the match.

Here’s what each class is best at:

  • Bruiser - Bruiser characters like Batman and Jake use their fists to bash enemy players
  • Tank - Tanks like Superman and The Iron Giant don’t deal a ton of damage to players, but are difficult to knock out of the ring
  • Mage - Mage characters like Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry use projectiles to deal major damage
  • Assassin - Assassin characters like Finn and Arya Stark slash enemies with weapons instead of their fists
  • Support - Support characters like Reindog and Velma are best as aiding their allies in duos matches

Of course these classes are just labels. Each Bruiser and Assassin is unique from the other. Arya may be all about Water Dancing with her sword, but Harley Quinn is more into breaking people with bats, bombs, and hammers. Jake and Batman may both be bruisers, but only one of them can turn into a horse (we’ll let you guess which one).

The type seems to indicate where each character’s attacks tend to knock enemies out of the ring. Characters with a vertical type have powerful skills that knock enemies into the air, ringing them out via the ceiling. Horizontal characters are good at bashing their targets long distances and off the edge of the arena. Hybrid characters seem to have a mix of moves.

What characters are still coming?

In addition to the 17 characters already available in MultiVersus, Player First Games has announced four other characters that will be coming to the game later this year: Morty, Rick, Black Adam, and Stripe.

Rick and Morty are the lead characters of their own show (the appropriately titled Rick and Morty), and will be two separate characters in MultiVersus. Black Adam is an anti-hero from DC Comics (whose new movie, starring The Rock, will debut later this year). Stripe is the villain of the first Gremlins movie

Player First Games hasn’t released any of the characters’ abilities yet, but we know that Rick will be a Mage character and his grandson, Morty, will be a Bruiser. Black Adam and Stripe don’t have classes yet. Morty will come to MultiVersus first and appear on Aug. 23. Rick will come after Morty, but he doesn’t have a concrete release window yet. Black Adam and Stripe will also appear during season 1, although it’s unclear who will come out first.

Player First Games will continue to add characters in the future, so Polygon will continue to update this post.

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