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MultiVersus: Which characters are free right now?

Play Arya Stark, Batman, LeBron James, and Steven Universe for free

A group of heroes brawling in MultiVersus Image: Player First Games/Warner Bros. Games
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

MultiVersus — the character brawler based on the Warner Bros. universe — offers a bi-monthly free-to-play rotation. Every two weeks, Player First Games temporarily unlocks four characters from its roster, which you can take into battle whether you own them or not.

Here are the free characters for the first free-to-play rotation of MultiVersus season 1, which runs Aug. 15-30:

  • Arya Stark- Assassin character from Game of Thrones who can uses her sword, Needle, to slash foes, and can steal players’ faces to stun them
  • Batman - Brawler character from DC Comics who can punch foes with his fist, grapple to them with a powerful kick, and throw Batarangs
  • LeBron James - Brawler character from Space Jam: A New Legacy (and real life) who uses his basketball or fists to bash players
  • Steven Universe - Support character from Steven Universe who can create shield platforms and summon Watermelon Steven to assist him

When the current two week rotation is up (Aug. 30), Player First Games will offer you a different group of free characters. The previous rotation’s characters will go back to being locked and you won’t be able to play them unless you purchase them for the earnable in-game currency, Gold, or the premium currency, Gleamium. Once you’ve purchased a character, you’ll never lose access to them, regardless of the free-to-play rotation.

You’ll be able to increase your Mastery level and unlock rewards for free characters by taking them into battles, just like with characters you own. When the rotation changes and you lose access to the characters you’ve leveled up, MultiVersus will save your progress for you. Your leveling progress will still be there the next time the character appears in the free-to-play rotation or if you purchase them for permanent use.

We’ll update this post when the next free character rotation comes around.

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