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How to move, edit, and delete rooms in Bear and Breakfast

Sometimes your vision for rooms changes

Hank the bear stands outside of two luxurious hotel rooms Image: Gummy Cat/Armor Games via Polygon

In Bear and Breakfast, you'll unlock more furnishings and embellishments for your lodging, so you'll probably want to change up the rooms you made at the beginning of the game. It can be hard to see a vision for your establishments early on, but have no fear — you can change things up as you see fit.

Our Bear and Breakfast guide explains how to delete, edit, and resize any of your lodging rooms.

To change up a room, head over to the area's respective workbench (or click the hammer on the toolbar, if you have the Tape Measure unlocked). Once you're in edit mode, just click the room you want to change and a menu should pop up, like in the image below. If it's not popping up, try to click the flooring of the room to be more precise. (You might have to move some furniture or rugs away temporarily to get a good click in.)

Hank the bear surrounded by many hotel rooms, with a menu open to edit one of the rooms. Image: Gummy Cat/Armor Games via Polygon

From there, you can click "edit" or "delete" to change the room. If you click "delete," the entire room (including the boundaries) will vanish, and you'll be refunded the full cost of building the room. Any furniture inside the room will go straight into your inventory. If your inventory is full, clear out some space, and a tiny "lost and found" bin icon will appear to the left of your inventory button. This will contain any furniture you removed that you couldn't fit in your inventory before.

If you click "edit," then you'll get the UI that you used to build the room. You can use the plus or minus buttons at the top to add space to the room or get rid of space.

Hank the bear edits a snowy lodging room Image: Gummy Cat/Armor Games via Polygon

As of writing, there is no way to pick up and move rooms. You can instead scoot the rooms around using the edit feature, or you can just delete and remake the room (which we recommend doing, since you don't lose anything).

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