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Where to find Iron Nails in Bear and Breakfast

Keep digging around in the dump for more Iron Nails

Hank the bear digs up some Iron Nails from a trash can Image: Gummy Cat/Armor Games via Polygon

In Bear and Breakfast, you’ll need Iron Nails to make a ton of furniture, but toward the endgame, you won’t find many.

Our Bear and Breakfast guide explains where to find Iron Nails so you can decorate all your buildings lavishly.

In our experience, we had enough nails to last until the last area, where we started to run out. Based on our own gameplay, we found nails abundantly in structures like old sofas and broken washing machines you’d find around the map. However, the junked up sofas and similar scrap piles around the map do not respawn, making it hard to find Iron Nails.

The best place to find Iron Nails is at the garbage dump, as the dump will keep respawning new scrap piles as long as you keep picking them all up. Iron Nails spawn in “Old Trash Cans,” “Metal Debris Piles,” “Old TV Parts,” “Chaotic Electronics Piles,” “Destroyed Washing Machines,” and “Old Computers,” specifically.

Update (Aug. 3): The game update that increased the Iron Nails spawn rate from scrap piles has been launched, so now you can find Iron Nails in tons of different types of scrap. We’ve updated this guide to reflect this. If you are playing on a save file from before this update, you’ll need to clear out the garbage dump first in order for the Iron Nails to show up at the increased rate.

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