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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hidden Heroes

How to get Nia and Melia in your party

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 screenshot of an Ouroboros in front of a waterfall Image: Monolith Soft/Nintendo via Polygon

Heroes are central to Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s combat system. Each one introduces a new class for your party to wield and comes with powerful abilities that enhance chain attacks — and you should collect them all if only to see their delightful hero quests. But even if you were scrupulous in filling out the silhouettes on the hero roster, you may still miss two heroes that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 keeps secret till the very end.

In addition to the 17 heroes who join your party after liberating colonies and following the main story, the Kevesi and Agnian queens Melia and Nia can also join the party to finish the fight against Moebius. You could easily miss their appearance while gunning through Origin for Z, but even if you’ve seen the game’s credits, you can still unlock these characters by reopening your save, which places you right before the final boss battle.

How to get Nia

After reaching Origin and freeing the True Queen of Keves in chapter 7, you can return to the Hall of Serene, Nia’s chamber, in the Upper Aetia Region. A question mark on the map will indicate the character is ready to join the party. Simply approaching the location will prompt a cutscene to begin in which Nia decides she wants to travel with the party. Mio inherits her class, Lifesage, which is styled after the character’s blade form from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. As in the previous game, Lifesage is a strong healer with offensive capabilities, but to unlock the true power of this class, you’ll need to complete Nia’s upgrade quest.

After Nia joins your party, four question marks appear on your map to indicate locations she wishes to visit. These can be found in the City by the Founders’ Statues, Rae-Bel Tableland in Fornis Region under the Saffronia Tree, High Maktha Wildwood in the Pentelas Region near the Kevesi and Agnian battle, and at the Agnus Castle Ascension Grounds. After travelling to each location and learning more about Nia, you’ll have acquired enough information to unlock her level 70 upgrade quest, “Grasping My Future,” by talking to her at a rest spot. You’ll also need to make sure a member of your party has reached level 10 in the Lifesage Class in order to complete the conversation.

How to get Melia

After Melia is freed from Origin, you can find her again at the Main Castle Gate in Keves Castle Region. A question mark will appear on your map, and approaching the area will prompt a cutscene during which Melia decides to join your party. Noah inherits her class, the Royal Summoner, an attacker that functions like a glass cannon. As in Xenoblade Chronicles, Melia gains immense power by summoning elemental powers that can be used to great effect. Her moveset is somewhat simplified, and elements no longer grant buffs, but the damage output of her class is unmatched. Melia will likely prove pivotal to party composition when fighting super bosses in the late game, as her chain attack ability lets you raise the TP meter past 100% without ending your turn.

To unlock the Royal Summoner’s full power and level the class up to level 20, you’ll have to complete Melia’s upgrade quest, “From Atop Her Throne.” There are a few prerequisites to unlock the level 80 quest that the game isn’t very forthcoming about. All colonies must first be liberated, and a party member must have reached level 10 with the Royal Summoner class. You can make use of silver Nopon coins to quickly upgrade the class and unlock the quest if you’re in a pinch. After meeting the prerequisites, you’ll find a new question mark on the map just outside the Main Castle Gate, where you can initiate Melia’s upgrade quest.