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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Register sidequest

Find all 19 Nopon merchants

Xenoblade Chronicle 3’s Taion standing in a field with the party walking away behind him. Image: Monolith Soft/Nintendo via Polygon

As the first lengthy side quest introduced in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, “Nopon Register” may seem a bit daunting at first. However, the quest is meant to accompany you throughout your journey through Aionios while completing the game’s main story.

In this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Register guide, we’ll tell you the location of each along with when you’ll encounter them and what (if anything) you have to do to add them to the register.

Starting the Nopon Register side quest

The Nopon Register side quest is unlocked by talking to Shillshill after capturing the Hillside Ferronis Hulk in the Aetia Region (the main story will take you here). She asks the party to retrieve colored stones from 19 members of the Nopon Caravan across Aionios, which can be acquired by talking to named merchants. These exclude Nopon from colony commissaries and caravans.

Instead, you’ll be looking for named Nopon merchants in two primary locations: previously visited rest spots and captured Ferronis Hulks. However, it’s easy to miss a caravan at a rest spot without backtracking.

In addition to progressing the quest, talking to caravan members throughout the game will update your Affinity Chart — and the Nopon love to gossip about one another. Make sure you speak to each Traderpon accompanying Caravan members as well. Simply window shopping will grant you affinity with the Nopon Caravan.

Aetia Region

After speaking to Shillshill there are three more Nopon to speak to in the Aetia Region.

  • You’ve probably already visited Miimo at the Forward Post Camp — the rest spot is directly in the center of the region’s map.

The two remaining Nopon, Papana and Momama, will have to wait until later, however.

  • Papana is found at the Battlescar Ferronis Hulk at the very top of the Aetia Region, but the area is locked until much later in the game.
  • Momama sets up shop at the Tsang Camp in the northeastern part of the Upper Aetia Region, but you won’t reach her until Chapter 6.

Fornis Region

There are five caravans scattered across the Fornis Region.

  • You’ll likely happen upon Kikinu at the Lake Rezzento Camp, just outside Colony 4.
  • You can speak to Meemoo at the Llyn Nyddwr Camp, another lakeside location in the center of the map, just south of where the desert transitions into grassland.
  • Due East of Colony 4 you can find Sherolo at the Desert Ferronis Hulk in Dannagh Desert.
  • Redred is waiting in the elevated tableland to the south of Sherolo at the Tableland Ferronis Hulk — it’s just west of the Saffronia Tree.
  • The Seilas Terrace Camp is located near the entrance of the Urayan Tunnels, one of two exits to the Pentelas Region at the southern border of Fornis. You’ll find the camp aside the road as the party progress through the main story. Make sure you revisit it to find Totutu there.

Pentelas Region

The five caravans located in Pentelas Region are spread across the Urayan Tunnels, Great Cotte Falls, and Maktha Wildwood.

  • Upon returning to the Ruins of Seebu Camp in the Urayan Tunnels (the western portion of the map), you can speak to Zoka to collect a stone.
  • The next two Nopon can be found in the center of Pantelas. Aggroro is at the Cascade Ferronis Hulk, in the middle of a lake in the uppermost section of the cascades (and just below the Great Cotte Falls secret area).
  • You’ll pass by Old Way Camp when exiting the Great Cotte Falls, just before entering Maktha Wildwood. Loloka is there.
  • In the Upper Maktha Wildwood, at the very eastern end of the region and near the site of a pivotal mech battle from the story, you’ll find Paroro at the Engardo Pass Camp.
  • You can also travel north and follow the map across the bridge where Keves and Agnus are fighting to find Memomemo and Clifftop Ferronis Hulk. Near the northernmost tip of Pentelas Region, the area of the hulk provides an additional route to walk back to the Fornis Region.

Keves Castle Region

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 map showing Bitbit’s location.
Bitbit’s location.
Image: Monolith Soft/Nintendo via Polygon

There is just one Nopon to speak to in Keves Castle Region.

  • In the Syra Hovering Reefs section of the map on Hovering Reef 2, Bitbit somehow manages to open up shop. You can travel back to the Hovering Reef 2 camp to collect their stone.

Cadensia Region

The remaining five Nopon await in the archipelagic Cadensia Region.

  • The main story will take you to one of the locations — the Inlet Camp just south of the castle where Selfifi travels.
  • You can find Hazidazi at the Corne Island Camp at the northern end of Corne Island.
  • Dumdum is located at the Atoll Ferronis Hulk in the southwestern corner of the Erythia Sea.
  • On the sea’s largest island, Levi Sandbar, Tamtam can be found at the Sandbar Ferronis Hulk. Located in the very center of the island, you’ll have to avoid quicksand on your way over.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 map showing Ruggyscruggy’s location.
Ruggyscruggy’s location.
Image: Monolith Soft/Nintendo via Polygon

Ruggyscruggy is unique among the merchants in that you’ll need to complete a fetch quest to collect his stone. You can first encounter Ruggyscruggy in Li Garte Prison Camp by following the main story. After you speak to him while he’s imprisoned, Ruggyscruggy will ask you to find three colored stones for him in the Perimeter Woodland while you gather resources for the warden. Upon completing this quest, Ruggyscruggy will reward you with one of the stones. (Note: The color you select does not effect your completion of the quest.)

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