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How to build a farm in Cult of the Lamb

Here’s how to grow your own food for your followers

The Lamb stands next to a big farm in Cult of the Lamb Image: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital via Polygon
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Cult of the Lamb is all about keeping the faith — others’ faith in you, your own faith in The One Who Waits, etc. — but your followers still have needs of the flesh. In other words: you still need to feed them and pick up their poop. The latter is quick and painless, but gathering enough high-quality food is a problem you’ll run into frequently in Cult of the Lamb — especially as you increase your follower count.

Massive Monster has a simple solution to solve your food problems: Build a farm.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to build a great farm in Cult of the Lamb so you can keep your followers fed.

The basics

The lamb places a new Farming Station in Cult of the Lamb Image: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital via Polygon

Your first two Devotion upgrades for your cult should be the Farm Plot and the Farming Bundle. The first will allow you to grow food for your followers, and the second will allow your followers to help you.

To grow food, all you need to do is build a Farm Plot, plant a seed (which you can purchase from a vendor, get from Crusades, or harvest from plants) in that Farm Plot, water it, and wait. After a few days, the plant will mature and you’ll be able to pick it.

While this an easy way to get food, farming by yourself can be time-consuming, and you’ve got heretics to slay. Enter the Farming Bundle, which includes the Farmer Station and the Seed Silo.

When you go to place a Farmer Station, you’ll notice a blue diamond around the building. This is the effective range of the station, and it tells you where you should and shouldn’t put Farm Plots. Place your Farmer Station somewhere where you’ve got plenty of room, and build as many Farm Plots as you’d like inside the blue diamond. If you don’t have the resources or need to fill the entire thing, you can come back and finish it later.

Somewhere near your farm — but outside of the diamond, so you don’t waste space — place a Seed Silo. This is a building where you can store some of your excess seeds, which your followers will pull from and plant in empty plots.

With this basic setup, your followers will automate part of your farm for you. All you need to do is refill the Seed Silo and harvest the plants once they’re ready.

Note: After planting a seed, you can use followers’ poop to fertilize plants for a better yield.

Improving your farm

A look at the Cult of the Lamb upgrade menu for farm upgrades Image: Massive Monster/Devolver Digital via Polygon

As you upgrade your cult and increase your Devotion levels, you’ll gain access to some new tools to improve your farm:

Cult level 2

  • Scarecrow

Cult level 3

  • Fertilizer Silo
  • Harvest Totem
  • Farmer Station 2
  • Compost
  • Trap Scarecrow

Cult level 4

  • Devotion Harvest Totem

Each of these upgrades will improve your farm or your overall cult, so let’s go over how to use them.

The most important farm upgrade, and the thing you want to nab quickly after reaching cult level 3, is the Farmer Station 2. This upgrades your Farmer Station with a chest and allows your followers to harvest crops for you. Now when you come back from Crusades, you should have a chest full of goodies to cook with and more seeds already planted in your farm. This effectively automates the entire farm process.

If you watch your basic farm with any frequency, you’ll notice that birds will occasionally fly down and pluck your seeds from their plots. Very uncool. To fix this, you’ll need to research and build a Scarecrow, which covers a wide range. You can either sacrifice a plot space to do this, or you can opt to do what I did: Build two Scarecrows on either end of your farm for full coverage. The Trap Scarecrow upgrade adds a bear trap to the Scarecrow, which will occasionally catch birds and turn them into meat.

The Fertilizer Silo works very similarly to the Seed Silo. But instead of filling it with seeds, you fill it with poop. This will let your followers auto-fertilize your crops for you. If you want to make accessing your followers’ poop easier, build an Outhouse so they all go in the same spot. You can also build the Compost to gain the ability to turn grass into poop.

Finally, the Harvest Totem. This causes your crops to grow faster, which is crucial for when your cult gets to around 20 members. Place two of these totems on either side of your farm, like you did the Scarecrows. You can also upgrade them to be Devotion Harvest Totems, which will slowly generate Devotion for your cult.

Once you have all of these upgrades in place, you can easily sustain a cult of at least 20 members, if not more.

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