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How to get the Teddy Band bear ears in Splatoon 3

How to get these adorable fuzzy-wuzzy widdle bear ears

A pink inkling and yellow octoling stand in Inkopolis both wearing Teddy Band bear ears Image: Nintendo via Polygon
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If you’ve been playing lots of online Splatoon 3, you may have seen kids wearing cute little teddy bear ears. These ears are exclusive to the story mode of the game, and you cannot get them from shops or a special Murch order.

Our Splatoon 3 guide explains how to get the Teddy Band bear ear head accessory.

You’ll need to complete every kettle in the story mode to unlock a special secret level called “After Alterna.” You do not need to complete the kettles with each weapon, if there are multiple weapon choices. We list how many kettles each site has below:

  • Site 1: 10 kettles
  • Site 2: 8 kettles and a boss fight
  • Site 3: 7 kettles
  • Site 4: 12 kettles and a boss fight
  • Site 5: 13 kettles
  • Site 6: 12 kettles and a boss fight

You can check your progress by opening the menu while on the story mode overworld.

After you beat these (and the final long level and boss fight), you’ll have access to this kettle back at the base camp:

A golden kettle titled “After Alterna” on the edge of the map faces a vast water Image: Nintendo via Polygon

You will need to clear this very hard level to get the Teddy Band. The level has four checkpoints: one before a target and rail section, another before a section of chevron arrow blocks, one in the middle of the chevron arrow block segment, and a final one before you have to fight a bunch of Mammalian enemies.

This level is regarded as one of the hardest in the entire franchise, so get ready for sweaty palms.

Once you complete the level, you’ll get a badge of Mr. Grizz for your Splashtag and the Teddy Band bear ears head accessory. The Teddy Band has three ability slots and comes with the “Comeback” ability in its main slot. You can pick up the hat and badge from the terminal in the lobby, as you do with the other story mode rewards.

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