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Splatoon 3 full amiibo unlocks list

How to get some fresh exclusive gear

A green inkling stands in front of a huge amiibo box dressed in a hodgepodge of amiibo gear: Marina’s hat, a school uniform, and Pearl’s shoes Image: Nintendo via Polygon

In Splatoon 3, you can use amiibos in Splatsville to unlock new outfits and take photos with the NPCs you summon. The outfits obtained from amiibos are exclusive, as they cannot be ordered from Murch.

Our Splatoon 3 amiibo guide lists out all the different outfits and unlocks you get for scanning the various Splatoon amiibos.

More amiibos are planned to be released during the holiday season — new Splatoon 3 versions of the Inkling Girl, Inking Boy, and Inkling Squid — but we don’t know what they’ll reward you with yet.

How to scan amiibos

To scan your amiibos, you just need to approach the huge amiibo box in Splatsville. From there you’ll get prompted to put the amiibo on the NFC reader.

When you first scan the amiibo, the character may note that you’re not quite fresh enough to get their rewards. Rescan it after winning some Turf War games and you’ll get the shoes. After winning more Turf War games, you’ll get the top, and then the headgear.

What do amiibos give you in Splatoon 3?

The amiibos reward the same things they did in Splatoon 2, with some variation. Some of the variations were gender-locked in previous games, but now, rather than having one equip that changes based on gender, you get both versions of the outfit as separate pieces.

We list out all the rewards below, with respective links to their Inkipedia pages so you can check out all the stats and ability slots.

Inkling Girl

An inking stands in the character dress screen with a squid hairclip, a school uniform with a green skirt, and loafers with socks Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Inkling Girl (Splatoon 2)

Inkling Boy

A green inkling in matching green samurai gear Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Inkling Boy (Splatoon 2)

Inkling Squid

Inkling Squid (Splatoon 2)




A green inkling wears Pearl’s outfit: a small Pearlescent Crown, a pink colorblocked hoodie, and shiny metallic sneakers Image: Nintendo via Polygon


A green inkling dresses like Marina, wearing headphones with a bandana, a cropped shirt with a huge chain and shiny loafers Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Octoling Girl

Octoling Boy

Octoling Octopus

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