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Disney Dreamlight Valley rare gems location guide

Where to find rubies, emeralds, and more for quests

A menu screen filled with gems, like rubies, emeralds, peridots, and topaz Image: Gameloft via Polygon

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need rare gems for quests. Plus, you can sell them for quite a bit of gold. They can be hard to find without specific direction, so our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide will show you how to find rare gems easily.

You can find gems anywhere within rocky veins on the wall. Sometimes the veins will visibly have gems coming out of them, but even the completely black veins (shown below) can drop gems.

A woman holding a gold pickaxe looks at a shiny black rock vein on a cliff Image: Gameloft via Polygon

The veins respawn after about five minutes, so after you make your rounds and collect what you can, you’ll be able to grab more.

For specific gems, you can check your “collections” tab in the menu and look at the info for the gem you’re searching for, showing where it is.

Lots of characters will have gems as preferred gifts, which reward them with more experience to level up. If none of your characters have gems as gifts that day, you can just sell them for a lot of money.

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