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How to find ‘rich soil’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Lion King’s Scar has a new questline — and it requires a new resource, rich soil

A person wearing shorts, a white shirt, and a hat bends over a garden full of pumpkins. Wall-E, a Pixar robot, holds up a dirty boot. Image: Gameloft/Gameloft, Disney
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Disney Dreamlight Valley got a major update Wednesday, which added a new character and questline to the game: The Lion King’s Scar. I’m sure you’ve noticed the big ‘ole elephant skull in the Sunlit Plateau — that’s Scar’s home. When you first meet the villainous lion, he’ll send you on a new story quest, which runs you through a new mine that opens up on the plateau, and eventually, you’ll need to acquire a new resource, rich soil.

The soil is necessary in creating a growth elixir that’s needed for the rest of the quest. The problem is that rich soil isn’t dug up just like regular soil. You can’t just take your shovel and break ground anywhere. Instead, you’ll have to do a lot of farming.

The good news is that you’ll be able to do the farming anywhere, in any biome. But if you don’t already have a large farm, you’ll want to dig up a pretty sizable patch and start planting. Rich soil will drop after harvesting crops — but it’s got a pretty low spawn rate. To get enough to complete the question — 10 clumps of rich soil — I had to plant hundreds of wheat crops. Hundreds!

My tip is to buy wheat seeds from Goofy down in the Peaceful Meadow; these are Disney Dreamlight Valley’s fastest growing crops, and they’ll be ready to pick in just about a minute. They’re cheap, too, so you won’t blow a ton of money on this endeavor either. Just keep doing this until you’ve got enough rich soil.

The even better news is that developer Gameloft has seemingly fixed the bugs that impacted farming; previously, I was unable to actually plant automatically (and then harvest) by holding down the A button. It required a whole lot of button clicks. But that’s been fixed, and you can easily plant and pick crops pretty fast. Even though I had to literally plant hundreds of wheat crops, it didn’t take that long.

There were times during this endeavor, though, where I went dozens of crops without finding any rich soil, and I questioned if I was still doing it right. I was, and I just had to persevere. This isn’t an instance where bringing about a garden-specialist buddy will double up what’s dropped — in these cases, Mickey just increased the amount of wheat I harvested, and not rich soil.

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