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How to increase friendship level in Marvel’s Midnights Suns

Forge friendships off the battlefield to help you on your missions

Peter Parker and the Hunter in casual attire playing video games in the living room of the Abbey Image: Firaxis Games/2K Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Marvel’s Midnight Suns isn’t all about intense tactical battles. Off the field, friendships with heroes are just as important — beyond narrative, establishing those bonds provides significant combat perks. As the friendship levels between the Hunter and the heroes in your roster improve, you’ll unlock passive and combo abilities. If you want to dominate the battlefield, follow our advice and cultivate your friendships at the Abbey.

Friendship Level Benefits

Increasing your friendship levels with the other heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns has many benefits that’ll help you when you’re out on mission. These include:

  • Hero passive abilities
  • Combo abilities
  • Increased character stats
  • Hero ability cards

As your friendships grow, so too will your Team Friendship Level, whose rewards mainly focus on advancing your relationships as quickly as possible. The Team Friendship Level rewards include:

  • Increased number of combo abilities
  • The Gift Shop
  • Compliments

How to build bonds with Marvel’s Midnight Suns heroes

You can grow friendships with the other heroes grow in a variety of ways, including having conversations with them, inviting them to a hang out, complimenting them, helping them with tasks, and more.

Hang Outs

The Hunter and Captain Marvel fishing at the stream in the woods. Image: Firaxis Games/2K Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

After completing a mission, you’ll be able to invite a hero to participate in an activity with you. However, you have to be careful which activity you choose because each hero has their own preference. Some will want to go fishing while others will want to stay inside and play cards. You’ll gain or lose friendship depending on how interested they are in the activity.

At the end of a hang out, you can give the hero a gift you either purchased from the gift shop or found around the Abbey. Remember to consider which gift to give because, like the activities, each hero has a preference.

Dialogue options

Talking to the other heroes is the most common way to improve your friendship levels. You’ll be given three dialogue options to choose from, each of which will result in a different type of reaction. Use what you know as a Marvel fan or from the story itself to strengthen or weaken your bonds.

Opportunities for dialogue are everywhere in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. You’ll talk to the heroes around the Abbey, during hang outs, at club meetings, and even on Superlink, the superhero social networking service. You’ll frequently receive invitations to meet up from the heroes themselves. This could be at club meetings, where a few heroes with similar interests will hang out after a long day out on a mission, or it could be a one-on-one chat with a particular hero. Heroes will occasionally request your assistance with a task or advice, which, depending on your choice, can result in a nice boost to your friendship.


After completing a Research Project, a Hero Op, or reaching a new Training Level in the Yard, you’ll be able to compliment a fellow hero. Complimenting a hero is a quick way to boost your friendship, but if you give too many compliments to the same hero in a short period, the benefits will diminish.

Sparring at the Yard

The Yard is where you can upgrade your cards and train against the heroes. An easy way to gain a few friendship points every day is to spar with one of your favorite heroes. If a friendship with a particular hero is on the edge of leveling up, train with them in the Yard.


The Hunter and Wolverine foraging for mushrooms in the woods next to a picnic table. Image: Firaxis Games/2K Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Inviting a hero to a Haven, a specific point of interest on the Abbey grounds, is a lot like hanging out with them, but there are a few differences. Havens are limited; each Haven can only be used once, and each hero can only meet at a Haven once. The biggest difference is that any friendship reward from a Haven hang out is doubled. To maximize your friendship gains, use what you know about the heroes to invite them to a location with an activity and a gift they’d love.

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