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What you should upgrade first in The Callisto Protocol

Go ahead and spend those Callisto Credits (smartly)

A mutated human tries to eat an engineer in The Callisto Protocol. Image: Striking Distance/Krafton

If The Callisto Protocol is any indication, capitalism is still gonna be around in the future. The sci-fi horror game features in-game currency — fittingly called Callisto Credits — that’s directly tied to all RPG-like upgrades for both protagonist Jacob and all of his weapons. The problem is that these skills aren’t exactly cheap, nor are Callisto Credits abundant. By the time you’re about to reach the last chapter of the story, it’s likely that you won’t have everything maxed out.

As such, we’ll guide you in your impulsive purchases in The Callisto Protocol by detailing how to spend your precious credits properly, and what you should avoid in general. Friendly advice: If you’re feeling reckless and decide to go ahead with a purchase either way, do yourself a favor and make a manual save first in case you regret your decision afterwards.

The best upgrades in The Callisto Protocol

At a glance, here is the order of priority in which you should spend your Callisto Credits in The Callisto Protocol:

  • Baton upgrades
  • Weapon upgrades
  • GRP upgrades
  • Health items and ammo

Your baton is your best friend, your pal, your everything. You’re bound to run out of ammo fast, so many encounters are best approached in close-quarters combat during the beginning of the game. But hey, in both the middle and final stretches of the game, you’ll still rely on your baton most of the time. Making sure it hits as hard as it can by upgrading its damage, as well as unlocking the heavy attack and additional blocking perks, will go a long way. For the first you’ll need the Riot Control Swing from the skill tree on the left, while Blocking Protection from the middle tree is a great option.

Jacob looks at a menu for the best weapon upgrades in the Callisto Protocol. Image: Striking Distance Studios/Krafton via Polyon

The best weapon upgrades in The Callisto Protocol

In terms of weapons, this one is complicated. I recommend purchasing every new schematic you find in order to unlock the corresponding gun. This will create another source of ammo. Yes, the general ammo you can find will become more sparse, but toward the second half of The Callisto Protocol, having more options to circle between when it comes to weapons is key.

As for specific weapon upgrades, spending Callisto Credits on the most expensive options, which add an alternate fire mode, is rarely worth it. You’ll consume a ridiculous amount of ammo, and the resulting boost you get to your damage isn’t exactly a great ROI, as enemies will continue to be tough regardless. As such, upgrading damage is always a good choice, as well as magazine capacity. Not having to reload as often is frankly a perk on its own.

The best GRP upgrades in The Callisto Protocol

Regarding your GRP — the thing that allows you to use telekinesis powers — it’s definitely worth improving the general GPR capacity. The upgrades aren’t cheap, so do so every now and then as it’s definitely not a priority. That said, the skill path on the right that focuses on the general speed of throws, while using the ability is definitely worth investing in. For the GRP Velocity, get the small and medium upgrades so you can save some credits.

Jacob looks at the best upgrades for the GRP in a menu for The Callisto Protocol. Image: Striking Distance Studios/Krafton via Polyon

Ultimately, shops allow you to purchase health items and ammo, which is helpful… but only when you’re in dire need of either. If you’re stuck on an encounter due to lack of ammo and you’re able to return to a shop station, that’s a good opportunity to purchase a few magazines. But it’s wiser to simply be extremely attentive as you play: Always double check that you’ve looted every possible corpse nearby by stomping them, and be sure to search for any chests or boxes you might have missed.

How to earn Callisto Credits in The Callisto Protocol

As previously mentioned, Callisto Credits are usually hard to find in The Callisto Protocol — at least in amounts that actually make a difference. Always keep an eye on CPU printers, decoders, and any other items that are labeled as parts eligible for selling. They have no other purpose, so go ahead and sell them away. Anything with the “pristine” label indicates that they’re worth double the usual amount, so if you’re running out of room in your inventory, switching a regular item for a pristine one is the way to go.

Then it’s only a matter of looking for chests and boxes in rooms off the beaten path, stomping on every enemy after you take them down, and just generally being mindful of your purchases overall. Sometimes it’s best to save Callisto Credits for an expensive upgrade rather than buying two small ones that won’t really account for much in the long run.

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