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The Callisto Protocol’s best early-game weapon is easy to miss

Here’s where to find the Skunk Gun schematic

Jacob Lee inspects the “Skunk” shotgun in a screenshot from The Callisto Protocol Image: Striking Distance Studios/Krafton via Polygon

In The Callisto Protocol, you’re constantly at a disadvantage against mutated horrors. While your trusty baton and pistol remain invaluable throughout the whole game, getting your hands on more weapons — like the basically-a-shotgun Skunk Gun — as soon as possible is key to fighting back.

Most weapons tend to be found on the main path, but some, like the Skunk Gun, can be easily missed. The schematic for this shotgun-like is found in a specific room that can be skipped entirely if you don’t know where to look, which would be a shame, as it’s really dang helpful. This quick PSA will let you know where to find the shotgun in The Callisto Protocol to make the early chapters far kinder in terms of difficulty.

The Callisto Protocol shotgun location — where to find the Skunk Gun schematic

You can find the Skunk Gun schematic during the “Aftermath” chapter in The Callisto Protocol. During a specific section where you have to find a way out of the basement, you’ll begin the path in the Basement D3 area.

A soldier stands next to Basement D3 in Callisto Protocol while looking for the Skunk Gun. Image: Striking Distance Studios/Krafton via Polygon

The first door you stumble upon in Basement D3 requires a fuse, so you can’t access it just yet. Progress all the way to the end of Basement D4 where a group of enemies awaits you in an open, well-lit space. Take care of them and grab the fuse on the floor. (It’s right next to a body.) Now, to follow the main path, you can use the fuse in the door that is on the opposite side of this room. But, in order to grab the Skunk Gun Schematic, head all the way back to the Basement D3 Storage door that you saw at the beginning, and use the fuse there. Don’t worry, there are no enemies inside.

An engineer stands next to a body with the Skunk Gun shotgun schematic in Callisto Protocol. Image: Striking Distance Studios/Krafton via Polygon

Hop on the ventilation duct and grab the weapon schematic in the other room. You’ll then have to do some backtracking to return to the main path, but hey, it’s definitely worth the hassle. Next time you see a reforge station, go ahead craft the Skunk Gun.

Keep in mind that the game will give you another shotgun later on, but for some reason, it’s not as effective as the Skunk Gun. Plus, having the Skunk Gun in your arsenal from the early goings is a plus, as you still have quite a few ways to go until you unlock the next weapon.