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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Wutai spy locations

Find the six Wutai spies around Midgar for lots of rewards

A boy stands with his arms up saying “What? I’m a proud brave Wutai trooper! Scared now?” Image: Square Enix via Polygon
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In Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, there are six Wutai spies hiding around Midgar that you’ll have to hunt down. Notably, you’ll have to find all six spies to get a special material (Walnut Wood) to build Aerith a better flower wagon.

A Shinra Soldier in Loveless Avenue will note that there are Wutai spies hiding out in Midgar and he’ll even give you a hint as to where to find the first one. Note that you have to talk to this NPC in order to start this sidequest. He will be standing around with an orange interaction marker. (We talked to the Shinra Soldier in Chapter 7, but it may be possible to do this sidequest earlier — we just weren’t able to confirm.)

Nabbing all six Wutai spies will also reward you with the achievement “Wutai’s Nemesis.” Each Wutai spy you catch will also unlock a mission and completing M4-3-6 will reward you with access to The Happy Turtle item shop.

You need to do this part of the game before Chapter 7 ends or else you will not be able to do it anymore. The game will warn you when you’re moving on, as it’ll tell you there’s no turning back when talking to Kunsel.

Below we list out where to find the six Wutai spies, in order. Note that you will need to talk to each spy several times before they break their disguise and run off.

Wutai spy #1 location

Zack Fair stands in Loveless Avenue in front of a Shinra infantryman Image: Square Enix via Polygon

The first one is a man walking around in Loveless Avenue, in front of the guy with the truck. (The screenshot above is of the Shinra Soldier after he thanked us for nabbing the spy. The spy should be in approximately the same location.)

Wutai spy #2 location

Zac follows a Shinra infantryman in the Sector 5 market Image: Square Enix via Polygon

The second Wutai spy is in the Sector 5 Slum Market, disguised as a Shinra infantryman. He’s just patrolling around the small market area.

Wutai spy #3 location

Zac stands in front of a suited man in front of elevators Image: Square Enix via Polygon

In the Shinra building entrance area, there’s a man who will come out of the elevators upstairs. You may have to wait for him to come out, but he’ll note how confusing the Shinra building is. This is the third Wutai spy.

Wutai spy #4 location

Zac stands in front of a woman and man in Sector 8 Image: Square Enix via Polygon

The fourth spy is a woman in Sector 8. Go up the stairs by the fountain to see her talking to a man.

Wutai spy #5 location

The fifth Wutai spy is a man standing in front of the rocket ship in the Shinra building exhibition room. He’ll say something about being jealous of Cid before revealing himself as a spy.

Wutai spy #6 location

A boy stands with his arms up saying “What? I’m a proud brave Wutai trooper! Scared now?” Image: Square Enix via Polygon

The last Wutai spy is actually a child in the Sector 5 slums park. He’s playing with several other kids. It’s kind of weird.

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