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How to win Marvel Snap’s Rickety Bridge featured location

Break out your best destroy deck

A photo of the Rickety Bridge location description in Marvel Snap on an iPhone Photo: Polygon
Ari Notis (he/him) is a guides editor at Polygon, where he writes, edits, and shepherds service-oriented articles about the biggest games du jour. He previously worked at Kotaku.

Every Tuesday, Marvel Snap tees up a new featured location. While a location is in the spotlight, it’ll have a higher chance of showing up, basically meaning that Second Dinner’s popular card battler has a different meta on a weekly basis. Right now, that location is Rickety Bridge.

Marvel Snap’s featured location: Rickety Bridge

After each turn, if there’s more than one card at Rickety Bridge, every card there is destroyed.

The catch is that Rickety Bridge’s rule applies to both sides of the board. Rickety Bridge forces you to engage with and consider your opponent more so than other locations; your fates are entwined.

Deadpool, whose power doubles every time he’s destroyed, is an obvious pick, as are other cards that benefit you after they’re demolished, like Nova and Sabretooth. But cards that can’t be destroyed — like Armor and Colossus — are also effective.

Best Marvel Snap destroy deck for Rickety Bridge

I’ve been making do with one that’s based on destroying everything.

  • Deadpool (1/1)
  • Nova (1/1)
  • Bucky Barnes (2/1)
  • Carnage (2/2)
  • Armor (2/3)
  • Colossus (2/3)
  • Killmonger (3/3)
  • Sabretooth (3/4)
  • Deathlok (3/5)
  • Moon Girl (4/4)
  • Arnim Zola (6/0)
  • Death (9/12)

The key here is to demolish as many cards as possible as fast as possible. This will lower the cost of Death (every time a card is destroyed, Death costs one less energy), allowing you to play her earlier than usual. And if you play Moon Girl correctly, you could conceivably get two zero-cost copies of Death or extra Deadpools to destroy.

There’s little drawback to the wanton destruction. Most of these cards — Nova, Sabretooth, and Bucky Barnes — all grant various benefits when they’re destroyed. (It’s also never not funny to see Wolverine, who transfers to a random location every time he’s destroyed, popping around the board every turn.)

The trick is to play Armor on Rickety Bridge after Bucky Barnes is destroyed and becomes the more powerful Winter Soldier. Or, if that transformation happens on turn five, you can play and sacrifice Arnim Zola to create multiple copies of Winter Soldier.

Best Marvel Snap deny deck for Rickety Bridge

Whereas destroy decks are obvious choices for Rickety Bridge, that’s not the only way to win. Polygon curation editor Pete Volk says this deck “has been getting the ol’ cubes.”

  • Ant-Man (1/1)
  • Mojo (2/2)
  • Armor (2/3)
  • Colossus (2/3)
  • Captain America (3/3)
  • Cosmo (3/3)
  • Spider-Man (4/3)
  • Warpath (4/5)
  • Professor X (5/3)
  • Klaw (5/4)
  • Spectrum (6/5)
  • Destroyer (6/15)

Colossus is immune to the effect of Rickety Bridge, and can often win the location by himself as a result. Same goes for Professor X. Both cards can often win the location alone, so long as your opponent doesn’t play Enchantress (whose ability removes the ongoing abilities of any cards at the location she’s played).

Warpath and Klaw, meanwhile, allow you to score some easy points if you leave the lane empty. With those two cards, you can totally ignore Rickety Bridge and still win a game.

But if you don’t end up drawing either of them, you can fall back on controlling the board. Spider-Man can force your opponent to play (and thus sacrifice cards) on Rickety Bridge. And in a pinch, Armor lets you play cards there as if it’s just any old normal location.

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