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How to easily farm Skill Points (SP) in Fire Emblem Engage

Equip your rings!

Girl covered in stars crossing her arms to cast an ability Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon
Johnny Yu (he/him) is a guides writer at Polygon. He has written about games such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo 4, and Fire Emblem Engage.

Skill points (SP) are one of the most important resources in Fire Emblem Engage for one major reason: SP is needed to inherit skills at the Ring Chamber. Skills can cost up to 5,000 SP, which you might not even reach before beating Fire Emblem Engage. Earning enough SP to inherit skills for each of your party members may seem like an impossible task because of how difficult it is to get SP. Read on to make your SP gains a little easier by learning how you earn SP, and some methods of farming SP.

How do you gain SP in Fire Emblem Engage?

In combat

First, your character needs to have an Emblem or Bond ring equipped. Make sure to equip your characters with any ring before heading out to battle, or they won’t receive any SP. Other means of getting SP in battle include:

  • Damaging an enemy
  • Defeating an enemy or a named enemy
  • Using staff abilities such as warp or heal

Silver Corrupted enemies

Silver corrupted skirmish at the Shadowy Moor in Fire Emblem Engage Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon

Participate in a Silver Corrupted skirmish and defeat a Silver Corrupted enemy in a skirmish to gain more SP. Silver Corrupted enemies will grant you more SP than usual, so make sure to defeat each one that spawns. However, there is a chance that a Silver Corrupted enemy doesn’t spawn during your skirmish. As time progresses in real life, more skirmishes will appear in game, so you can manipulate your game by changing the time on your switch to spawn more skirmishes.

You can also increase the percent chance of encountering a Silver Corrupted skirmish at the bulletin board at the Somniel. Donate money to a country to increase the likelihood of facing Silver Corrupted enemies within that country’s borders.

Standard training at the Arena

After a battle, head over to the Somniel and participate in standard training at the Arena. Training can be completed three times after each battle, and each training session will give you a small amount of SP.

Micaiah’s skill “Great Sacrifice”

Micaiah, the Dawn Maiden, and her ability Great Sacrifice. Also her ring shown below. Image: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon

During “Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring,” you’ll gain access to Micaiah, the Dawn Maiden. Her ability, Great Sacrifice, will heal every ally to full health while dropping the user’s health to one and providing SP to the ring holder. The amount of SP gained depends on how many allies are healed. The strategy is to have all of your allies get hurt, and then use Great Sacrifice to gain a ton of SP. This can be done multiple times in battle as long as you recharge your Engage meter, so look out for the blue circles on your map.

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