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GoldenEye 007 cheat unlock times for Xbox, Switch and N64

From Tiny Bond to DK Mode, we have you covered

GoldenEye 007 logo with headshots of characters Natalya Simonova, James Bond and Xenia Onatopp Credit: Nintendo / Rare / MGM

GoldenEye 007 cheats allow you to unlock new weapons, characters, and levels across both the story and multiplayer.

Some draw from iconic James Bond films over the years — such as the Golden Gun, and a bonus level inspired by Moonraker — while others are more original, from firing paintball rounds to handing every enemy a rocket launcher.

In the N64 original of GoldenEye 007, cheats could be unlocked one of two ways — by entering a cheat code, or by completing levels under certain conditions.

While this still applies on Switch — which is essentially the same as the N64 version, albeit with some caveats when it comes to registering inputs — entering codes on Xbox does not work, meaning you must rely on unlocking each cheat the normal way.

GoldenEye 007 cheat unlock times

Whether you are playing on Xbox, Switch, or N64, you can unlock cheats by completing levels under certain conditions.

If you are struggling with any particular unlock — including completing the infamous Facility on 00 Agent in around two minutes — this playlist by Graslu00 on YouTube shows you the best routes for each one.

GoldenEye 007 cheats

Cheat Unlock requirement
Cheat Unlock requirement
007 mode Complete all missions (including Aztec, Egyptian) on 00 Agent
All characters (multiplayer) Complete the story on Agent difficulty or higher
All guns Complete Egyptian on 00 Agent under 6:00 mins
Aztec level Complete all main levels on Secret Agent difficulty or above
DK mode (Big Heads) Complete Runway on Agent under 5:00 mins
Egyptian level Complete all main levels on 00 Agent difficulty or above
Enemies with rockets Complete Streets on Agent under 1:45 mins
Fast animation Complete Statue on Secret Agent under 3:15 mins
Gold PP7 Complete Cradle on Agent under 2:15 mins
Golden Gun Complete Egyptian on any difficulty or time
Grenade launcher x2 Complete Surface 1 on Secret Agent under 3:30 mins
Hunting knife x2 Complete Jungle on Agent under 3:45 mins
Infinite ammo Complete Control on Secret Agent under 10:00 mins
Invincibility Complete Facility on 00 Agent under 2:05 mins
Invisibility Complete Archives on 00 Agent under 1:20 mins
Laser Complete Aztec on any difficulty or time
Laser x2 Complete Aztec on Secret Agent under 9:00 mins
Magnum Complete Cradle on any difficulty or time
No radar (multiplayer) Complete Frigate on Secret Agent under 4:30 mins
Paintball mode Complete Dam on Secret Agent under 2:40 mins
RC-P90 x2 Complete Caverns on 00 Agent under 9:30 mins
Rocket launcher x2 Complete Bunker 1 on 00 Agent under 4:00 mins
Silver PP7 Complete Train on 00 Agent under 5:25 mins
Slow animation Complete Depot on Secret Agent under 1:40 mins
Throwing knife x2 Complete Bunker 2 on Agent under 1:30 mins
Tiny Bond Complete Surface 2 on 00 Agent under 4:15 mins
Turbo mode Complete Silo on Agent under 3:00 mins

For those on Xbox, an extra tip is being able to map controls to easily run diagonally and speed through levels faster, as shown by Stephen Berg on Twitter:

How to unlock Aztec and Egyptian in GoldenEye 007

For those focused on single-player, there are two bonus levels to unlock — Aztec and Egyptian — which require you to complete every main story mission on a certain difficulty:

  • Aztec unlock requirement: Complete all main levels on Secret Agent difficulty or above
  • Egyptian unlock requirement: Complete all main levels on 00 Agent difficulty or above

For those on Switch and N64, there is an additional cheat code to unlock Aztec, but reportedly this only works once you have unlocked all main story levels first.

As for Egyptian, there is no code — meaning you have to put in the legwork.

How do GoldenEye 007 cheat codes work on Xbox and Switch?

As mentioned, in the N64 original, cheats could be unlocked by entering a code as well as completing certain in-game requirements.

However, codes are not in the Xbox version, as confirmed by our own tests and the following comment from an Xbox spokesperson to Polygon: “This version of GoldenEye 007 is, for the majority, as players know and love from the 1997 version. Specifically for cheats, these can be unlocked by completing levels in the required time, rather than with the button codes previously used.”

For those on Switch, you can view the full list of these cheats on GameFAQs, However, in our experience, these are difficult to activate, in part because you must translate the N64 inputs to Switch controls.

On Switch, the C buttons are mapped to the right analog stick, and the Left, Right, Up and Down inputs are assigned to the D-pad, and not the left analog stick. You can take your time entering each command, but know for the final one, you might have to hold on for several seconds for it to work. Even then, it might not - so take your time and keep trying until you see results.

Paintball wall splatters in the Dam level of GoldenEye 007
Paintball mode in action.
Image: Rare/MGM via Polygon

If you’re struggling, double-check where you need to input each specific cheat — such as during gameplay or in the multiplayer menu — and know that if you are using the mission unlock cheats, it appears they only work in sequence, starting with Facility, then Runway, and so on.

If you can’t get these codes to activate (we struggled in most instances), then you have to do things the old fashioned way.

Looking for specific guidance with the opening missions? Our walkthroughs for Dam, Facility and Bunker 1 can help.