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GoldenEye 007 ‘Dam’ mission walkthrough

Install the covert modem and bungee jump off the dam

James Bond jumping from the Dam in GoldenEye 007 Image: Rare via Polygon

In GoldenEye 007’s first mission, Dam, you’re dropped off at the base of a dam in the former Soviet Union, and it’s your job to infiltrate the facility and intercept the shipping and contact information.

Depending on your difficulty, you have to neutralize the alarms, intercept the data, and bungee jump to safety - all of which is explained step-by-step in our GoldenEye 007 Dam walkthrough.

Tips before starting Dam in Goldeneye 007

  • If you’re used to regular aiming conventions, switch your aim from inverted to upright in the start menu.
  • On default control schemes, interacting with objects and doors is done by pressing the “B” button on the Nintendo Switch and the “A” button on Xbox. When it comes to aiming, use the aim feature, “L” on the Nintendo Switch and “LT” on the Xbox, to aim at the alarms and the small screen for the Covert Modem.
  • When shooting the alarms, use the silenced pistol to prevent more enemies from coming out of nowhere and setting it off.
  • Allow enemies to come to you in the tunnel to easily pick them off one by one, especially if you have the sniper rifle to hand.
  • On the Nintendo Switch, you can create your own check points in the Suspend menu. Press the “-” button to open the Suspend menu, and create a Suspend point to make your own check point. This is particularly useful on 00 Agent difficulty. And no - there is no suspend on the Xbox version!

Dam objectives

Depending on the difficulty, you can have up to four primary objectives to complete at the Dam. The four objectives are as follow:

  • Obj. A — Neutralize all alarms (Secret Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. B — Install covert modem (00 Agent difficulty)
  • Obj. C — Intercept data backup (00 Agent difficulty)
  • Obj. D — Bungee jump from platform (Agent difficulty and above)

Here is how to complete each objective, step-by-step.

Dam Security Area

  1. Head to the left and quickly take out the guard with your pistol.
  2. Pick up the guard’s rifle and defeat the guards around the guard tower with your pistol or rifle. Also, there is a sniper rifle that you can pick up at the top of the tower to use against upcoming enemies.
  3. Defeat the two guards inside the tunnel either from a distance with the sniper or head on with your other weapons.
  4. Follow the green truck through the tunnel to the next area.

Installing the Covert Modem

  1. Take cover behind the boxes on the left and take down the five enemies in this area. You can skip the two in the bunker if you act quickly.
  2. Interact with the switch to open the gate, and activate the next switch to open the following gate.
  3. Take out the two enemies in the next area quickly to prevent them from setting off the alarm.
  4. Continue forward and shoot the red alarm on the wall to neutralize one of the alarms. (This is one of four - if you want to see all locations at a glance, see the next section.)
  5. Proceed inside the building by entering the gate on the right side of the wall, and defeat the enemies inside.
  6. Turn right out of the building, and move behind the stacked crates beside the building to find a screen on the wall. You can see what it looks like in the above image gallery.
  7. Open the start menu to bring up your watch, and switch to your inventory.
  8. Select the covert modem from your inventory, and carefully throw it onto the screen by using the fire button. You only have one modem, so do not miss. This step completes Objective B.
  9. Turn right out of this area, and shoot the lock on the gate to open it.
  10. Proceed forward to the top of the dam.

Intercept data backup

Rectangular server racks in Golden Eye Image: Rare/Nintendo via Polygon
  1. Head towards the first guard tower, and quickly take out the guard inside.
  2. Find the red alarm inside, and shoot it to neutralize it.
  3. Go down the stairs inside the tower to find an underground tunnel system filled with enemies.
  4. Proceed through the gate and turn left defeating any enemy along the way. Make sure to check your corners as there are enemies hidden everywhere.
  5. Open the door at the end of the corridor to find a room filled with even more enemies, but wait at the opened door. Allow the enemies to come to you to easily clear the room.
  6. Interact with the rectangular servers on the left side of the room, which will start a timer depicting how long it’ll take to transfer the data due to your covert modem — completing Objective C.
  7. Exit the room, and return up the stairs you came down before. The entrance to the stairs will be depicted with the number two on the wall.
  8. Make your way to the second guard tower, and take out the guard inside.
  9. Find the alarm inside, and neutralize it.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the third guard tower.

Dam alarm locations

Though we’ll cover these as we go in the above sections, here is at a glance the four alarm locations, in the event you finished the mission and managed to miss one or two:

  1. Before you install the covert modem and reach the guard towers on top of the dam proper, the alarm is on the wall before the gate.
  2. On the dam there are three guard towers. The second alarm is inside the door of the first tower.
  3. The second guard tower features the third alarm - again, just inside the door on the wall.
  4. The third and final guard tower has, you used it, the fourth and final alarm. Open the door and destroy it. Provided you have also done the others, this objective should be complete.

Bungee jump from platform

Stairs leading to a bungee jumping platform Image: Rare/Nintendo via Polygon

Once you have completed all the other objectives, within the dam area, you can find a small set of stairs leading to a platform.

From here, simply move through the railings into the water below to escape and complete the mission.

That completes the Dam portion of Mission 1: Arkangelsk, and leads into Facility.

Before you move on, it might be worth unlocking this level’s GoldenEye 007 cheat, now you’re fully familiar with its objectives.

If you are in need of help for later missions, we have a full breakdown of Bunker 1 and Surface 2.

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