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GoldenEye 007 ‘Bunker 1’ mission walkthrough

Take out the cameras and copy the GoldenEye key

Polygonal James Bond 007 aiming at something in the distance and his hand isnt even holding the gun. Image: Rare Ltd. via Polygon
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On GoldenEye 007 mission 2-2, “Bunker 1,” you’ll enter a satellite control bunker to gather intel on enemy plans. It’s your job to copy the GoldenEye key, photograph the main video screen, and escape the bunker in one piece.

Depending on the difficulty setting you’re playing on, you may have to disrupt all of the surveillance equipment, get personnel to activate the computer, and download data from said computer. Follow along our step-by-step GoldenEye 007 Bunker 1 walkthrough to easily complete each objective.

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Tips before starting ‘Bunker 1’ in GoldenEye 007

  • Try to conserve your ammo as much as possible, as tougher enemies will appear later in the level.
  • In the corridors and the control room, allow the enemies to come to you to easily pick them off.
  • Clear out all of the rooms before the control room to make sure no enemies flank you from behind.

Bunker 1 objectives

Depending on the difficulty, you can have up to five primary mission objectives to complete at the Bunker. The five objectives are as follows:

  • Obj. A: Disrupt all surveillance equipment (Secret Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. B: Copy the GoldenEye Key, leave the original (Agent difficulty and above)
  • Obj. C: Get personnel to activate the computer (00 Agent difficulty)
  • Obj. D: Download data from the computer (00 Agent difficulty)
  • Obj. E: Photograph the main video screen (Agent difficulty and above)

Disrupt all surveillance equipment

  1. Enter the room ahead of you and quickly take out the guards inside.
  2. Destroy the red alarm on the wall, and walk to the door on the left without opening it.
  3. Aim out of the right window, and shoot the surveillance camera with your silenced pistol.
  4. Open the door, and defeat any other enemies in the immediate vicinity.
  5. Head left down the corridor, and eliminate anyone who comes to you. To easily defeat everyone here, shoot one of the guards and retreat down the hallway. The other guards will funnel into the hallway — allowing you to easily pick them off.
  6. Take another left, and wait outside of the door on the left.
  7. Destroy the camera from the window, or quickly go inside the room and destroy the camera.
  8. Exit the room, and go around the left corner to find another camera.
  9. Destroy the camera, and defeat the three enemies at the end of the hallway.
  10. Turn around and proceed down the hallway until you reach the door on your left.
  11. Clear out this room of enemies, and return back to the hallway.
  12. Go left down the stairs, and enter the control room. There are a lot of enemies inside this area, so be prepared to take out a lot of guards.
  13. Wait near the entrance of the control room, and allow the enemies to come to you. Take them out one by one to easily clear out the room. There is an NPC in this room that you’ll need later on, so do not shoot the NPC.
  14. Go up the stairs diagonally across from you to find one more enemy and the last camera.
  15. Eliminate the enemy and destroy the camera to complete Objective A.

Photographing the video screen

Camera with 007 on it (very discreet) and a big screen showing a world map. Graphic: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Source images: Rare Ltd.
  1. Head back down the stairs to enter the command room. Switch to the camera in your inventory. To switch to the camera, open your start menu and alternate to the weapons tab. Scroll down to camera and select it.
  2. Aim at the big screen in the the room, and take a picture of it by pressing the fire button. This step completes Objective E.

Copy the GoldenEye key and leave the original

Key analyzer in a briefcase and a circled red tablet on a table. Can’t forget the huge rifle too. Graphic: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Source images: Rare Ltd.
  1. While still in the command room, head to the table with a computer to the side of the video screen.
  2. Walk up to the table to grab the GoldenEye Key.
  3. Select the Key Analyzer in your inventory, and use it by pressing the fire button.
  4. Fire again to toss the key away — completing Objective B.

Activate the computer and download data from the computer

Oops! Datathief and someone standing in front of a terminal with a gun pointed at them.
Equip the Datathief in your inventory, and use it while looking at the mainframe terminals in the image above.
Graphic: Johnny Yu/Polygon | Source images: Rare Ltd.
  1. Find Boris (he’s the NPC that you didn’t shoot earlier). He could still be in the control room, or he could have ran off through the door to the top of the stairs. If he ran up the stairs, be careful of two enemies who are waiting at the top. Try your best to not shoot Boris while taking out the two enemies.
  2. Aim a weapon at Boris to have him lead you to the mainframe terminal. An alarm will soon go off alerting more enemies to your position, so select the data analyzer in your inventory while Boris is “disabling the security.” This step completes Objective C.
  3. Look at the mainframe terminal and press the fire button with the data analyzer equipped to download the data from the computer — completing Objective D.
  4. Fight off the incoming soldiers. These enemies have more health than the others, so they are a little harder to take down.
  5. Return to the control room once all the enemies are defeated, and go through the door ahead of you.
  6. Go up the stairs and through the door at the top to complete Bunker 1.

That completes the Bunker portion of Mission 2: Severnaya. If you’re looking for help for later missions, we have a full breakdown of Surface 2.

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