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What you get by playing the Dead Space remake on New Game Plus

Play again to get a little more Dead Space and a badass new RIG

Dead Space Isaac stepping out of a Shop in the Advanced Soldier Rig (Level 6) Suit. Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon
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The Dead Space remake includes a New Game+ after you beat it once that includes a few changes to the gameplay. Our Dead Space New Game+ guide will tell you what to know before starting a NG+, and what to expect when you play. But first...

A PSA: Leave one save slot empty before you beat the game

The Dead Space remake has a limited number of save slots — about 50 of them. Every time you save into an Empty Save Slot at a save point (the default option), you take up one of those slots. When you run out, you’ll get a warning saying there’s no more space, and you’ll have to choose a slot to save over.

After you beat Dead Space’s final boss at the end of Chapter 12 “Dead Space,” the game will automatically (with no input from you) try to save your completed game into a new slot. If there are no empty slots, this causes problems — it doesn’t actually save your completed game, won’t let you start a New Game+ from the completed game save (which may or may not exist), and, in our experience, breaks the menus so you can’t delete save slots. We had to quit the game and restart it, delete a save slot, and then re-beat the last boss to get access to NG+.

Starting a New Game+

When you beat the final boss of the Dead Space remake (and get through the credits), you’ll get a reward of 50,000 credits, 10 nodes, some Text Logs, and the schematic for the Advanced Soldier Rig (Level 6) Suit. For reference, that Level 6 suit is the image at the top of this guide and it looks, frankly, cool as hell — well worth the 99,000 credit price tag.

No matter what difficulty you completed the game on, you’ll then get the option to start a New Game+ (also on any difficulty). Speaking of difficulty, completing the game once unlocks the Impossible difficulty setting — this is independent from NG+, but you can play a NG+ on Impossible (if you’re a masochist).

You’ll start the NG+ with whatever suit you ended with (including any nodes you installed). Once you’re through the opening cutscenes (that you can’t skip) and (finally) get to the Plasma Cutter, you’ll pick it up with all of the upgrades and nodes you previously installed.

You will eventually have access to your other weapons and leftover inventory, but not until you reach the first Shop and its Storage (after you get the trams running and that unfortunate trip back to the Kellion).

New Game+ differences

After you raid your Storage, you’ll have all the gear and items you ended the game with. You will not, however, have the Stasis and Kinesis modules. You also won’t have any of the Security Levels you picked up previously. You’ll have to grab those as you play through the game normally.

New Game+ adds a few things to the experience, like…

Tougher enemies

Dead Space Isaac aiming at a new Phantom Necromorph Leaper in the Hangar.
A Phantom Necromorph Leaper.
Image: Motive Studio/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Most enemies are going to be the same as they were on your first playthrough. Occasionally, though, you’ll run into new Phantom Necromorphs. These are very tough enemies with glowing red eyes. (They come as a surprise when you’re cutting through the early necromorphs with one shot.)

Marker Fragments

Dead Space Isaac looking at a Marker Fragment collectible on a bookshelf.
NG+ adds 12 collectible Marker Fragments.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

A big change in New Game+ (and the real reason to play a NG+) is the addition of 12 Marker Fragments collectibles. You’ll find these throughout the game — every chapter except 9 and 12 have at least one — usually in (or adjacent to) areas you visit during the main story.

Finding them all unlocks the…

Dead Space remake alternate ending

After you’ve collected all 12 of those Marker Fragments, you’ll need to take them to Captain Mathius’ room in the Crew Deck > Executive Quarters — you’ll also visit here while opening the Master Override locks.

Once they’re placed, continue through the end of the game to see the Dead Space remake’s secret alternate ending.

The next level of puzzles.

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