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Is the new Marvel Snap season pass worth it?

‘Into the Quantum Realm’ lets you mess around with MODOK decks

Ant-Man, the Wasp, and MODOK fly through a quantum tunnel in key art for Marvel Snap’s new season. Image: Second Dinner/Marvel Entertainment
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Quantumania is more than just a movie. Marvel Snap’s February 2023 season, “Into the Quantum Realm,” is Ant-Man-themed, meant to line up with Disney’s Feb. 17 release of the new Ant-Man and the Wasp film.

As with previous Snap seasons, “Into the Quantum Realm” features both a free and premium tier. The latter costs $10 and adds a slew of additional rewards on top of what you’d already earn for free throughout the season. But is it worth it?

How long is the new Marvel Snap season?

Since February is a shorter month, there’s a bit more of a time crunch to complete all of the objectives in this season compared to previous ones. From the start of the season, players will only have three weeks and six days to complete all of the “Into the Quantum Realm” chapters and knock out all 50 levels of the season pass. (For the January 2023 “Savage Land” season, players had five weeks.)

What do you get with the new Marvel Snap season pass?

By sticking with the free season pass, you’ll earn 2,300 credits and 300 gold from completing all 50 ranks. The premium pass will tack on an additional 300 credits and 900 gold to your total seasonal haul. (Gold costs $5 for 300 in Marvel Snap’s microtransaction store. Credits cost 120 gold for 150 credits.)

If you were planning on buying gold anyway, the premium pass is “worth it,” insofar as you’d get $15 of gold for $10 — provided you actually complete the whole pass. You’ll also earn a card back, some avatars and variants, and a ton of card boosters. But the biggest draw of the premium pass is that you’ll instantly add MODOK to your card collection.

Scroll down for a full list of Marvel Snap “Into the Quantum Realm” season pass rewards.

Is MODOK good? What are the best MODOK decks?

Though it’s still early in Marvel Snap’s new season, MODOK is theoretically extremely powerful — particularly for discard decks. It’s a 5-cost, 8-energy card. When played, MODOK will discard your entire hand.

It’s natural to think Hela — a 6-cost card who plays all of the cards you’ve discard throughout the match — would be an obvious fit, but such a strategy could prove risky: You’d have to draw Hela on turn six, and no earlier, for it to work. You’re better off focusing on discard decks that feature Morbius, Apocalypse, Wolverine, Swarm, and Helicarrier, since all benefit from MODOK’s effect.

Of course, this early in the season and in the card’s availability, players are still fine-tuning the best strategies for MODOK.

What cards are coming in the new Marvel Snap season?

In addition to MODOK, Marvel Snap’s new season will add the following cards to the series 5 pool:

  • Ghost, 1-cost, 2-power: Ongoing ability — your cards are always revealed last, and their on reveal powers happen last. (Added Feb. 14)
  • Stature, 5-cost, 7-power: The cost drops to 1 if your opponent discarded a card at any point in the game. (Added Feb. 21)
  • Kang, 5-cost, 0-power: Look at what your opponent played, then start your turn over. (Added Feb. 28)

What locations are coming in the new Marvel Snap season?

And, as always, Marvel Snap’s new season will add new locations to the rotation:

  • Camp Lehigh: Adds a random 3-cost card to your hand.
  • Quantum Tunnel: Playing a card here swaps it with a card in your deck (basically Lockjaw: the Location).
  • Quantum Realm: Playing a card here sets it power to 2.
  • The Sacred Timeline: If you’re the first player to fill this location, you’ll get a copy of your opening hand.

Full Marvel Snap new season rewards list

Marvel Snap ‘Into the Quantum Realm’ Rewards

Level Tier Reward
Level Tier Reward
1 Premium MODOK Card
2 Free 100 credits
3 Premium 35 MODOK boosters
4 Free 100 gold
5 Free 200 credits
6 Premium 25 MODOK boosters
7 Premium Mystery card variant
8 Free 15 boosters
9 Premium "Honey, I shrunk the heroes" title
10 Free 100 credits
11 Premium 100 gold
12 Premium Steampunk Ant-Man avatar
13 Free 200 credits
14 Premium 30 Ant-Man boosters
15 Premium 100 gold
16 Free 15 boosters
17 Free 100 credits
18 Premium Steampunk Ant-Man card variant
19 Free 100 gold
20 Premium 30 Ant-Man boosters
21 Free 15 boosters
22 Premium Mystery card variant
23 Free 200 credits
24 Free 15 boosters
25 Premium Hourglass-themed card back
26 Premium 200 credits
27 Free "Couple cubes short of a rank" title
28 Free 100 credits
29 Premium 100 gold
30 Premium Steampunk Wasp avatar
31 Free 200 credits
32 Premium 30 Wasp boosters
33 Free 100 gold
34 Premium Steampunk Wasp card variant
35 Free 200 credits
36 Premium 30 Wasp boosters
37 Premium 100 gold
38 Free 25 boosters
39 Premium 100 credits
40 Premium Mystery card variant
41 Free 200 credits
42 Premium 60 MODOK boosters
43 Free 200 credits
44 Premium "Have I defeated you before?" title
45 Free 500 credits
46 Premium Assassin MODOK avatar
47 Free Mystery card variant
48 Free Ant-Man card back
49 Premium 500 gold
50 Premium Assassin MODOK card variant

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