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Where to find every Memoir in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Here are the locations for all 26 Memoirs needed for substories

A man sits at a bar in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Image: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon

Memoirs are the icing on the cake for Like a Dragon: Ishin!’s substories. If you thought that completing 72 substories was a lot, well, there are 26 Memoirs to find, which are needed to knock out the final few substories.

The first and last Memoirs are given automatically to you by Satow, a character you might recognize from the Yakuza series, but you’ll need to hunt down the other 24. This guide explains the locations for each Memoir in Like a Dragon: Ishin! as well as what to keep in mind about their odd spawn spots.

How Memoirs work in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Once you’ve reached chapter five in Like a Dragon: Ishin!’s main story, you’ll gain access to “The Captain and the Curious” substory in Fushimi. It’s a straightforward ordeal, but its star, Satow, will ask for a favor: Finding Memoirs for him scattered around… well, literally everywhere.

Memoirs appear as glowing items on the floor, similar to Prize Tickets. I’ve been reloading old saves in different instances and I can say that Memoirs have fixed spots, and don’t just appear randomly. Of course, though, there is a chance that this may vary on your end. But at the very least, you’ll know where to look for them from the get-go and take it from there.

Also, keep in mind that I had already completed the main story, as well as all available substories while obtaining most of these. Judging that some are related to the main narrative beats, as well as substory themes, it’s likely that you’ll have to do the same.

As a tip: Both “Diplomacy in Darkness” and “A Lasting Thirst for Peace” became available after obtaining a certain percentage of Memoirs, not all of them (for details, head over to our substories guide). Whenever you’re in doubt, make sure to actually stop by Satow in Umai Udon and discuss the Memoirs you have with him so far, as this could trigger the substories.

In short, I recommend stopping to interact with any glowing items you come across during your travels following the main story, especially when you’re around streets you don’t normally go to. This will make it easier in the long run.

Ryoma talks to Satow in a bar in Like a Dragon: Ishin1 Image: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Sega via Polygon

Where to Find all of Satow’s Memoirs in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Once more, remember that if any of the Memoirs aren’t appearing for you, it’s because you either need to advance through the main story, complete any available substories that you have, or meet a specific condition, such as a particular time of day.

You can find all Memoirs in Like a Dragon: Ishin! below:

  • “The Rise of the Tokugawa Bakufu”: Given automatically after finishing “The Captain and the Curious.”
  • Letter from a Tavernkeeper in Uraga: Near the Fushimi port where the “Black Ships” substory took place.
  • Musings of an Official in Uraga: Found on Mukurogai’s first floor, near the riverside on the eastern side, close to the cannon NPC.
  • Treatise in Defense of Li Naosuke: Found on the road that leads to Kiyomizu Temple, accessed by heading all the way east on the main map by using the bridges. The spot was next to the now-locked gate.
  • Diary of a Housewife: In Mibu, northeast of the palanquin NPC, close to the riverbank.
  • Final Statement on the Sonno Joui: Inside Mukurogai, close to the NPC guarding the northern gate that lets you in and out after you give him booze.
  • An Assassin’s Plot: In the riverside of Mukurogai’s first floor, close to the altar and the man sitting on the ground.
  • Excerpt from a History Textbook: In North Umekojicho, Rakugai, on the opposite end of the Shady Bar.
  • Reflections of a Satsuma Samurai: In front of the Mysterious Merchant spot.
  • “Regarding the Incident on the 18th”: In Karasuma Street, to the left of the palanquin NPC, next to the gate.
  • Diatribe of a Raid Survivor: In Kuramachi, Fushimi, right in the top center street, in the middle of the altars on each side and next to the houses with staircases.
  • Gossip from a Seafaring Warrior: After finishing chapter 13, head over to the second floor of Teradaya and head to the upper corridor (when looking at the map) to see the glowing item at the corner.
  • Observations of a Hatamoto: In front of the Gambling Den in Rakugai.
  • Abandoned Journal of a Shinsengumi Trooper: In Mibu, close to the entrance to the barracks.
  • Thoughts on the Wolves: Outside of Teradaya in Fushimi, as you head west towards the shopping district. If you don’t see it, try visiting during the night.
  • Observations of a Mimawarigumi Trooper: To the left of Sushi Zanmai in Rakunai.
  • “Divine Punishment Rendered Once More!”: On the Shijo Bridge in Rakunai.
  • An Account from Tosa: In the northeastern corner of Kawaramachi, northeast of Nichibuza.
  • Musings of a Man Who Crossed the Sea: Next to Shikokuya, the inn in Rakugai.
  • “The Extraordinary Voyage of Nakahama Manjiro”: In Teramachi, Rakunai, east of South Teramachi Street, in that L-shaped street.
  • Regarding a Certain Merchant”: Close to Unyuan in Rakugai.
  • Journal from an Edo Rowhouse (Morning): In the Another Life house’s front yard, close to the chicken house. If it doesn’t appear, make sure to have the chicken coop upgrade, and at least a few pets.
  • Journal from an Edo Rowhouse (Noon): To the left of Umai Udon.
  • Journal from an Edo Rowhouse (Night): In Gion, following the main street after the Palanquin ride and before the plaza.
  • Notes from a Spy: Can be found in Gion, next to the Kasuga ryotel, close to the corner.
  • A Letter from the Right Honorable Sir E. Satow: Given by Satow himself after finishing the last substory.

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